OHA Drinking Water Services
OHA Drinking Water Services
Contact Report Details

PWS ID: OR41 00479
Who Was Contacted and Phone: Dan Marshall (541) 989-8515
Contact Date: 02/23/2007
Contacted By: NELSON, DENNIS (DWP)
Contact Method/Location: Field
Reasons: N/A
Details: SUMMARY: Request from CWS for assistance with alarm system DETAILS: The City of Lexington owns and operates a community water system composed of a distribution system, a well pump station, and a 300,000 gallon storage tank. The well pump station is located near the tank and automatically fills the tank. Recently, the CWS contacted the circuit rider to request help in evaluating the tank and well site for radio telemetry in order to transmit alarms to city hall. There are no existing controls or alarm systems at city hall and no telephone service is available at the tank site. The tank site is remote from city hall and the trajectory is not line-of-sight. The tank is the sole supply of water for the town and cannot supply the town water through the weekend unless the well pump is working. The well pump station has a single pump and is subject to nuisance faults. The town has one operator and when the well pump faults on a weekend or day off, the town runs out of water. The town has tried to develop a plan for correcting this problem but has been unable to interest a telemetry contractor to make the long drive to Lexington. Dan Marshall, the operator, and I visited the well station, city hall (fire station), tank site, and an abandoned tank at the airport. I conducted a data radio test between the fire station, airport tank location, and the reservoir tank and verified that radio is a viable option. I copied the wire diagram of the pump controls and discussed alternative control plans with the operator. I provided a report to the CWS which describes possible upgrades to the system, including the provision of an alarm panel at the fire station, digital water level displays at the pump station and fire station, and an emergency telephone dialer. The report included budgetary estimates. ACTION NEEDED: Answer questions generated by the report.

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