OHA Drinking Water Services
OHA Drinking Water Services
Contact Report Details

PWS ID: OR41 00657
Who Was Contacted and Phone: Curt Ireland (503) 823-7598
Contact Date: 07/10/2007
Contacted By: SALIS, KARI (DWP)
Contact Method/Location: Office
Assistance Type: BOIL WATER
Reasons: Coliform
Details: SUMMARY: Boil Water Advisory DETAILS: Received a voicemail from Yone at about 1:30-2pm. She stated that the Council Crest reservoir apparently went dry sometime early this morning. I left a detailed message with Curt Ireland & Kathy Casson saying that if they were out of water, they need to issue a boil water notice. Yone called back with more details. The Council Crest tank normally fills when the level drops to 50 ft. The PLC that send a signal for the pumps to go on malfunctioned at about midnight on 7/9, when the tank was full at 68 ft. A pressure gage tied to the CC reservoir indicated that the tank was drained at 7:40am. At 8:10am, the pumps were back on, and the tank began to fill. The area was flushed and 4 coliform bacteria samples were taken. I left a message regarding the boil water notice due to the potential for backflow, they did a little more investigation and found that many homes in the CC area were low enough such that the area was backfilled from the Berthod (?) tank. Through modeling and GIS, they were able to determine that only houses above 1030 feet would have run out of water, only 34 services, in 3 pockets. Of these, a few are City properties. There were services with water below 20psi, but since they had positive pressure at all times, the PWB believes the risk to be minimal in this case and will not issue the notice to those customers. A boil water advisory was written by 6:30 and distributed to the 34 homes Monday evening. The PWB delivered bottled water. They collected 3 more bacti samples, one from each pocket. Of the pervious 4 samples, 3 were taken in an area that always has positive pressure, and one was taken in an area that had lost pressure entirely. The earlier 4 samples all came back TC-, and the next 3 are to be read at 7:30pm, and if those are negative, the boil water advisory can be lifted. ACTION NEEDED: Lift advisory after results are negative

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