OHA Drinking Water Services
Contact Report Details

PWS ID: OR41 00731
Who Was Contacted and Phone: Lacey Goores (503) 361-2224
Contact Date: 04/01/2010
Contacted By: BAIRD, GREGG (REGION 1)
Contact Method/Location: Office
Reasons: N/A
Details: SUMMARY: Complaint DETAILS: We received a complaint 3/26/10 from a resident at the Oregon State Hospital re: undrinkable water that was making him sick, specifically it contained a gritty white substance he thought might be asbestos. I spoke with Lacey from Salem Public Works on 3/30/10-- she said that the hospital is connected to the system but is not a routine bacti sample spot. She indicated that there is a lot of building activity going on right now with the construction of the new hospital, including installing new water pipes that could be affecting water quality. She said there is no asbestos pipe in the area, however asbestos abatement is going on with the tear-down of the old hospital. She indicated that the city is willing to sample on-site if able to get permission from the hospital. Lacey said she would follow up with the complaintant and get back to me. On 4/1/10 Lacey left me a message saying she had spoke to the complaintant and told him a sample would be taken and tested and that for water quality issues past the meter he would need to talk to the hospital administration. She also gave him the name and # of a lab that could do water testing for him to give to the hospital admin if they wanted to do some testing. Lacey said that the city sampled at the meter on 3/30/10 for coliform and it was absent, turbidity was 0.2 NTU and free chlorine residual was 1.1 ppm. She has been trying to contact the complaintant with test results, however she is having difficulty because the contact # is to a common phone on the ward-she indicated she would keep trying. ACTION NEEDED: Water systems responsibility is up to the meter, and bacti testing was done and is absent of coliform, also turbidity is low and chlorine residual is good. As Lacey told the complaintant, water quality issues past the meter are the responsibility of the hospital and he needs to work with them on any issues.

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