OHA Drinking Water Services
OHA Drinking Water Services
Contact Report Details

PWS ID: OR41 95390
Who Was Contacted and Phone: Dan Kermotyn (541) 737-2505
Contact Date: 05/06/2013
Contact Method/Location: Office
Reasons: Coliform
Details: SUMMARY: Priority Non-Complier (PNC) resolstion DETAILS: 1/19/11 System had positive Ecoli in the mens restroom as well as at the well head. 1/20/11 Out office informs the system they need to take 5 CO samples at the wellhead. 1/25/11 One of the 5 samples comes back positive for Ecoli. System instructed to post a boil water notice and did so. Well evaluation being done by Shawn Stevenson. Informed operator that he can shock the well. Recommend a special sample be taken. If non detect, system will need to do monthly assessment monitoring. If positive. System will need to do 4 log. Operator not convinced there is a problem thinks the results are false positive. Well evil done and well construction considered adequate. Well construction was not recommended. 2/8/11 Letter requiring Maps sent to operator. 2/10/11 System shocked well. Took temp routines on 2/14/11 and all non detect. System revived public notice but they still have to do monthly assessment and GWUDI.1/6/12 System has a positive Ecoli again. Dan said he already too the CO sampled. 1/12/12 Corrective action letter sent to system. System instructed to GWUDI and if no direct influence could provide alternate source or 4 log. Boil notice to remain posted.4/17/12 System completed both rounds of MPA Scored of 4 and 5 system needs to install 4 log. 9/7/12 Non compliance letter sent to mark Cambridge. 10/8/12 Received a response from John Cheney asking for an extension to 2/1/13. Linn Co extended deadline to 2/1/13. 2/4/12 System turned in plans. 3/14/13 System given a preliminary approval of the plans. System still needs to do a tracer study. They installed the chlorinator data shows residual o 0.62 ACTION NEEDED: System score is now 0. Still waiting on results of tracer study.

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