OHA Drinking Water Services
OHA Drinking Water Services
Contact Report Details

PWS ID: OR41 00657
Who Was Contacted and Phone: EPA, OHA
Contact Date: 12/07/2016
Contacted By: SALIS, KARI (DWP)
Contact Method/Location: Office
Reasons: Lead or Copper
Details: SUMMARY: meeting to discuss EPAs 9/9 letter re: PWB DETAILS: OHA (Jere High, Dave Leland, Kari Salis) and EPA (Dan Opalski, Marie Jennings, Peter Contreras, Ricardi Duvil) had a conference call to follow-up on EPAs expectations that were set out in our 9/9/16 letter to OHA and to discuss how PWBs letter outlining their proposed interim measures had already addressed some of our expectations. Below is a summary of action items from that call, as written by Marie Jennings. ACTION NEEDED: Regulatory/Technical: OHA agreed to updating the water quality parameters in January 2017 to reflect the current situation and will have to do it again once they approve OCCT. EPA offered to provide technical support. OHA will modify the applicable water quality parameters to reflect the new OCCT determination.Schedule: EPA offered to provide specifics on where the schedule could be trimmed and to get back to OHA by the end of the month. PWBOHA agreed to look at the dependencies within the schedule and to work with PWB to revised existing corrosion control schedule to acknowledge the fact that the new date for staring the CCT study will be 6 months earlier. Joint Monitoring Plan: PWB Joint Monitoring Plan - OHA and EPA both agreed to follow-up on the joint monitoring plan later. OHA stated that the Joint PWB Monitoring Plan will be put into full implementation at the end of 2017. Will adjust in the spring and the fall of 2017. OHA heard that EPA wants to approve the Joint MP. EPA will get back to OHA and confirm level of involvement. EPA will also follow up on how to address the issue of selecting new sampling sites in situation where the homeowner replaces its plumbing fixtures and no longer qualifies as a tier 1 site. Compliance/Enforcement:OHA will escalate enforcement if PWB misses a date. OHA agreed to have a follow-up conversation with OCE on their enforcement process.

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