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Inventory List of all Oregon drinking water systems in Excel or printable screen format

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Drinking Water Data Access FAQ / Glossary

Find a Water System ID number when you know the system's name or part of the name.

Basic system information including population, contact person's name and phone number, county served, number of connections, sources of water used, and Consumer Confidence reports.

Detailed Coliform Results that include date sample was collected, sample type, results, and more. This is limited to samples collected after July 1, 1997.

Summary of coliform sampling since July 1995. This includes the period (month or quarter), number of routines reported, number of positive routines, number of repeats, number of positive repeats, and more.

Chemical Tests Summary will show when each of the major groups of chemical testing was completed. It's arranged by group(IOC, NO3, Rad, SOC, VOC) and then by date from most recent to oldest. Actual chemical results are not yet on line.

Chemical Detections will show you all the detections of chemical contaminants that is over the trigger level (1/2 the MCL for inorganics, any detected value for synthetics and volatile organic groups). The MCL is listed for that chemical for comparison. If there is no MCL listed, then no maximum contaminant level has been set for that chemical (sodium is one such chemical). Some of these detects have been resolved by further testing, some have not, and some are ongoing.

Contact Reports are summaries of phone calls, letters, and field visits made with a water system. Included are the date of the contact, who was contacted, and a short description of the purpose.

Enforcement Actions and Public Notice Summary will show all enforcement actions taken against the water system and their current status.

Latest Chemical results are listed here. It lists the latest result for a chemical without regard for the source or entry point. This does not list a source's or entry point's chemical test results unless the system only has a single source or entry point.

Lead & Copper includes milestones and 90% percentile data. The milestones lists the events that have occurred under the Lead and Copper Rule and the 90% data lists the levels of lead and copper found.

Nitrates lists all nitrate test results by date, and then by source for those with multiple sources.

Publice Notice Summary will show all public notices required to be issues by the water system, as well as all public notices a system has issued and submitted to the Drinking Water Services.

Surface Water Treatment Rule (SWTR) lists summary responses of a system's treatment of surface water. Only water systems that use surface water will have reports. The summary includes whether or not they met the turbidity standards (MCL and 5 NTUs), had enough contact time for treatment (Met CTs), and had a measurable level of disinfectant coming into and in the distribution system (Met CL-...).

Violations includes the period the violation occurred and what rule was broken. Some violations are for a single time period and some are ongoing (Must Filter, Chemical MCLs, and Lead and Copper).

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