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Most Recent Water System Survey
Survey Date: Oct 31, 2016
Notification Date: Nov 22, 2016 (22 days)
Regulating Agency: DEPT OF AGRICULTURE
Survey Frequency: 5 YR  -  Visit the Water System Surveys page to see the list of surveys due each year.
Category Deficiency Due Date Resolved Date
Well Construction Does not meet setbacks from hazardsFeb 28, 2022 *
* Corrective Action Plan has been submitted for this deficiency.

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Water System Site Visit History
Reason Visit Date Frequency Next Due Notification Date
(Days after survey)
Comments and
Sanitary Survey, Finished (SNSV) 10/31/2016 5 YR  * 11/22/2016 (22) DEPT OF AGRICULTURE Show details
Sanitary Survey, Finished (SNSV) 12/14/2011 5 YR  * 12/20/2011 (6) DEPT OF AGRICULTURE Hide details
The deficiencies noted are as follows:

Source Deficiencies
1. Sanitary seal and casing not watertight
2. Well does not meet setbacks from hazards
3. No raw water sample tap
4. Wellhead not protected from flooding
5. No treated sample tap

Treatment and Disinfection Deficiencies
6. Annual raw water sampling past due
7. Non NSF approved chlorine used for disinfection

Monitoring Deficiencies
8. No coliform sampling plan

Management & Operations Deficiencies
9. No Operation and Maintenance Manual
10. No Emergency Response Plan
11. Major modifications made without prior plan review approval

Category Deficiency Due Date Resolved Date
Management & Operations No operations and maintenance manualNot tracked
Management & Operations Emergency response plan not completedNot tracked
Management & Operations Major modifications not approved (plan review)Not tracked
Monitoring & Reporting No coliform sampling planNot tracked
Well Construction Sanitary seal and casing not watertightNot tracked
Well Construction Does not meet setbacks from hazardsNot tracked
Well Construction Wellhead not protected from floodingNot tracked
Well Construction No raw water sample tapNot tracked
Well Construction No treated sample tap (if applicable)Not tracked
Disinfection Annual raw water sampling past dueNot tracked
Other Treatment Non-NSF approved chemicalsNot tracked

Deficiency dates were not tracked prior to 1/1/2014.
Sanitary Survey, Finished (SNSV) 05/30/2006 5 YR  * 06/05/2006 (6) DEPT OF AGRICULTURE No details
Sanitary Survey, Finished (SNSV) 03/23/2001 5 YR  * DEPT OF AGRICULTURE Show details

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