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OHA Drinking Water Services
Water Advisory Details

PWS ID: OR41 94882
Advisory Type: Boil Water
Reason: Loss of Pressure
Area Affected: System-wide
Affected Populations: All
Begin Date: Nov 18, 2022
Date Lifted: Jun 28, 2023
Who Was Contacted: Hans Feige
Contact Phone: 503-543-9700
Details: Hans called me and left a message how the Olympic Mill had a fire on Sunday, and how the mill is not running. There were a bunch of circuits that were damaged as a result, including one of them to the drinking water system. I called and discussed this with Hans who said that the water system components are fine, but the electrical components/circuits for the pump room operate the system are fried. While the repairs are going on, and the resetting of the water system occurs, Hans says he will not be able to do the monthly coliform sampling at that time. After consulting with DWS, I told Hans that the system will be on the equivalent of a boil water notice due to no pressure, or pressure loss. Once the water system can be pressurized and flushed, (and shock chlorinated if contamination was believed to be introduced to the system due to the fire situation), then they may take at least one total coliform sample if the sample(s) are all negative for total coliform, the system boil notice may be lifted and the system may operate as normal. The system is now placed on a boil water notice.

Lifted 06/28/2023:  I spoke with Hans today, who assured me that although they are adjusting the quantity of chlorine into the system, the treatment system components are installed and secured on the system and not being rearranged at this time. The most recent coliform tests have all been negative, so we agreed that the boil water advisory is to be lifted today.

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