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Health Advisory Levels (for entry points and distribution)
  • Total Microcystins: 0.3 ug/L for vulnerable people; 1.6 ug/L for everyone.
  • Cylindrospermopsin: 0.7 ug/L for vulnerable people; 3 ug/L for everyone.
  • Health advisory level exceedances in entry point and distribution samples are indicated with red text.
    Regulating Agency:  All agencies
    County:  All counties
    Sample Location:  All sample locations
    Result Set:  Detections only
    Sample Dates:  Samples collected from 1-1-2021 through 07-25-2021
    ND = Not detected at the minimum reporting level;  -- = Not sampled 3 results found for selected criteria.
    Cyanotoxin Sample Results- All sample locations - Detections only
    Regulating Agency County Served PWS PWS NameSample
    Source ID Source Name Total Microcystins
    REGION 2 Josephine 94645 JOSEPHINE CO PKS LAKE SELMAC 207/19/21 07/23/21 SRC-AA LAKE SELMAC0.12ND
    REGION 1 Marion 00317 GATES, CITY OF07/02/21 07/09/21 SRC-AA NORTH SANTIAM RIVERND0.1
    REGION 1 Polk 01174 BUELL-RED PRAIRIE WD05/03/21 05/07/21 SRC-AA GOOSENECK CREEK0.67--