OHA Drinking Water Services

OHA Drinking Water Services
Water Advisory Details

PWS ID: OR41 95528
Advisory Type: Boil Water
Reason: E. coli, Confirmed in Distribution
Area Affected: System-wide
Affected Populations: All
Begin Date: Sep 10, 2018
Date Lifted: Dec 04, 2018
Who Was Contacted: George Kaufman
Contact Phone: 503-730-4910
Details: Shop sink positive for ecoli, all other repeats and the source positive for total coliform. George filled out the Boil Notice and posted it at all locations used for drinking water. He said they did some plumbing work on the shop earlier this year. Prior to the second quarter coliform sample. Second quarter coliform sample taken on 6/19/18 and non detect. I sent him the well disinfection document and will be meeting George on site by early next week.

Update 09/25/2018:  System shocked last week and 2 coliform samples taken in distribution on 9/21/18 came back positive for TC. Samples labeled repeats, should have been labeled special. System will be shocked system again and take more special samples.

Update 09/26/2018:  Jeron shocked the well and only used 3/4 cup chlorine. I informed him he would need 2.25 cups 8 chlorine. He also wasnt sure how old the chlorine was. He will purchase new chlorine and use 2.25 cups chlorine and shock the well again tomorrow. He will take a couple special samples early next week.

Update 10/09/2018:  Spoke to George today. They shocked the well again last week. They followed the disinfection guidelines and took two samples in distribution. One sample came back Total Coliform positive. I recommended they contact a professional to come out and shock the system for them. George will let me know when they have that scheduled.

Update 11/07/2018:  Spoke to George. System has been shocked a total of 3 times since they went on a Boil Notice. Theyve taken numerous special samples and none of them have been ecoli positive. Several are total coliform positive and the others are non-detect. I recommended they take another source sample.

Lifted 12/04/2018:  System replaced three faucets and then shocked the system again. Two specials and one routine sample taken 11/26-11/28 and all non-detect. Boil notice lifted.

Update 12/04/2018:  Forgot to include COLI18243

Associated Alerts: COLI18187 - 09/11/2018 - COLIFORM, TOTAL (TCR)

COLI18188 - 09/11/2018 - COLIFORM, E. COLI , COLIFORM, TOTAL (TCR)

COLI18243 - 09/24/2018 - COLIFORM, TOTAL (TCR)

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