OHA Drinking Water Services

Certified Backflow Assembly Testers

Oregon Drinking Water Services (DWS) provides a public list of OHA-certified Backflow Assembly Testers. The list is voluntary and not all certified testers choose to be on the list. Select the county you want, and then you can sort by certification #, name of tester, employer, city, and state. If you are a certified specialist trying to verify a test report but don't see the tester on the list, email the DWS Cross Connection Program at cross.connection@dhsoha.state.or.us.

Only OHA-certified Testers are allowed to provide testing services in Oregon. Backflow Assembly Testers who provide their testing services for a fee are required to be licensed through the Construction Contractors Board (CCB) or the Landscape Contractors Board (LCB). Testers on the following list have provided information to DWS that they, or the company they work for, have either a CCB or LCB license; however, this information has not been verified. To verify licensing, you can look up CCB licenses or LCB licenses.

Certification Number Tester Name Phone Number Employer Address City State ZIP Code Expiration Date Numeric Cert SortName
066108 Jordan T. Ashland 503-981-6131 Ashland Brothers Landscape 2153 Molalla Rd Woodburn OR 97071 12/31/2022 66108 Ashland, Jordan T.
1844 Jeff Johnson 541-753-6154 B Johnson Turff & Irrigation Co 5840 NW Hwy 99W Corvallis OR 97330 12/31/2022 1844 Johnson, Jeff
2719 Jerry A. Mock 541-758-0380 Jerry A. Mock - Landscape Services 1741 Pheasant Ct Philomath OR 97370 12/31/2021 2719 Mock, Jerry A.
2893 Doug Troyer 541-928-8942 Stutzman Services 4185 Spicer Dr SE Albany OR 97322 12/31/2021 2893 Troyer, Doug
2926 Tom Davis 503-364-8778 Advance Backflow Testing LLC 3358 Watson Ave NE Salem OR 97301 12/31/2022 2926 Davis, Tom
4070 William G. Brown 541-929-3524 Shonnard's Landscaping 6600 SW Philomath Corvallis OR 97333 12/31/2022 4070 Brown, William G.
4711 Abelardo Silva-Ramirez 541-928-8942 Stutzman Services Inc 4185 Spicer Dr SE Albany OR 97322 12/31/2021 4711 Silva-Ramirez, Abelardo
4824 Dave A. Straub 541-929-4168 STRAUB Landscape PO Box 2129 Corvalis OR 97339 12/31/2021 4824 Straub, Dave A.
4861 Anthony Coughlan 541-740-6466 PO Box 2892 Corvallis OR 97339 12/31/2022 4861 Coughlan, Anthony
4863 Kurt T. Harper 541-231-4490 Harper Brothers LLC 3465 NW Dimple Hill Rd Corvallis OR 97330 12/31/2022 4863 Harper, Kurt T.
5527 Christopher P. Warner II 541-224-6577 Warner Services 3380 SE Jackson St, Apt F Albany OR 97322 12/31/2021 5527 Warner, II Christopher P.
6300 Paul T. Hadnutt 541-505-4190 Backflow Specialties 1955 Churchill St Eugene OR 97405 12/31/2022 6300 Hadnutt, Paul T.
6634 David R. Miller 541-928-8942 Stutzman Services 4185 Spicer Dr SE Albany OR 97322 12/31/2021 6634 Miller, David R.