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Chemical Results

ND = Not Detected at the Minimum Reporting Level
MCL exceedances are indicated with red text

Chemical Source ID Result Current MCL UOM
22-011823-0001-D09/30/202211/08/2022TOTAL HALOACETIC ACIDS (HAA5) DIST-A0.02500000.0600000 MG/L
22-011823-0001-D09/30/202211/08/2022TTHM DIST-A0.02880000.0800000 MG/L
21011495000109/29/202110/05/2021COPPER DIST-A0.00710001.3000000 MG/L
21011495000109/29/202110/05/2021LEAD DIST-A0.00050000.0150000 MG/L
21011495000209/29/202110/05/2021COPPER DIST-A0.01970001.3000000 MG/L
21011495000209/29/202110/05/2021LEAD DIST-AND0.0150000 MG/L
21011495000309/29/202110/05/2021COPPER DIST-A0.01990001.3000000 MG/L
21011495000309/29/202110/05/2021LEAD DIST-AND0.0150000 MG/L
21011495000409/29/202110/05/2021COPPER DIST-A0.09560001.3000000 MG/L
21011495000409/29/202110/05/2021LEAD DIST-A0.01110000.0150000 MG/L
21011495000509/29/202110/05/2021COPPER DIST-A0.01190001.3000000 MG/L
21011495000509/29/202110/05/2021LEAD DIST-A0.00050000.0150000 MG/L
14098509/29/201710/11/2017COPPER DIST-A0.02620001.3000000 MG/L
14098509/29/201710/11/2017LEAD DIST-A0.00050000.0150000 MG/L
14098709/29/201710/11/2017COPPER DIST-AND1.3000000 MG/L
14098709/29/201710/11/2017LEAD DIST-A0.00080000.0150000 MG/L
14098909/29/201710/11/2017COPPER DIST-A0.01810001.3000000 MG/L
14098909/29/201710/11/2017LEAD DIST-A0.00150000.0150000 MG/L
14099109/29/201710/11/2017COPPER DIST-A0.01240001.3000000 MG/L
14099109/29/201710/11/2017LEAD DIST-A0.00060000.0150000 MG/L
14099409/29/201710/11/2017COPPER DIST-A0.00560001.3000000 MG/L
14099409/29/201710/11/2017LEAD DIST-A0.00080000.0150000 MG/L
70929041-D09/29/201710/18/2017TOTAL HALOACETIC ACIDS (HAA5) DIST-A0.04200000.0600000 MG/L
70929041-D09/29/201710/18/2017TTHM DIST-A0.04160000.0800000 MG/L
6100631-D10/06/201611/07/2016TOTAL HALOACETIC ACIDS (HAA5) DIST-A0.02570000.0600000 MG/L
6100631-D10/06/201611/07/2016TTHM DIST-A0.03140000.0800000 MG/L
30927021-D09/27/201310/31/2013TOTAL HALOACETIC ACIDS (HAA5) DIST-AND0.0600000 MG/L
30927021-D09/27/201310/31/2013TTHM DIST-A0.02790000.0800000 MG/L
6803809/26/201310/10/2013COPPER DIST-A0.06140001.3000000 MG/L
6803809/26/201310/10/2013LEAD DIST-A0.01090000.0150000 MG/L
6803609/25/201310/10/2013COPPER DIST-A0.01520001.3000000 MG/L
6803609/25/201310/10/2013LEAD DIST-AND0.0150000 MG/L
6803709/25/201310/10/2013COPPER DIST-A0.05920001.3000000 MG/L
6803709/25/201310/10/2013LEAD DIST-AND0.0150000 MG/L
6803909/25/201310/10/2013COPPER DIST-A0.01820001.3000000 MG/L
6803909/25/201310/10/2013LEAD DIST-A0.00186000.0150000 MG/L
6804009/25/201310/10/2013COPPER DIST-A0.06200001.3000000 MG/L
6804009/25/201310/10/2013LEAD DIST-A0.01390000.0150000 MG/L
93011-D09/30/201011/02/2010TOTAL HALOACETIC ACIDS (HAA5) DIST-A0.03880000.0600000 MG/L
93011-D09/30/201011/02/2010TTHM DIST-A0.03780000.0800000 MG/L
100204210/02/200606/12/2007TOTAL HALOACETIC ACIDS (HAA5) DIST-A0.02260000.0600000 MG/L
100204210/02/200606/12/2007TTHM DIST-A0.02450000.0800000 MG/L

Archived Results
Chemical Source ID Result MCL
10/08/1981 10/08/1981 Arsenic A0.00500000.0500000
10/08/1981 10/08/1981 Barium A0.00200002.0000000
10/08/1981 10/08/1981 Cadmium AND0.0050000
10/08/1981 10/08/1981 Chloride A1.4000000
10/08/1981 10/08/1981 Chromium A0.01100000.1000000
10/08/1981 10/08/1981 Copper A0.00600001.3000000
10/08/1981 10/08/1981 Fluoride A0.03000004.0000000
10/08/1981 10/08/1981 Hardness, Noncarbonate A11.400000
10/08/1981 10/08/1981 Hardness, Total (as CaC03) A11.000000
10/08/1981 10/08/1981 Iron A0.2900000
10/08/1981 10/08/1981 Lead AND0.0150000
10/08/1981 10/08/1981 Manganese A0.0860000
10/08/1981 10/08/1981 Mercury AND0.0020000
10/08/1981 10/08/1981 Nitrate A0.053000010.000000
10/08/1981 10/08/1981 Ph A7.0400000
10/08/1981 10/08/1981 Selenium A0.00500000.0500000
10/08/1981 10/08/1981 Silver AND0.1000000
10/08/1981 10/08/1981 Sodium A1.6000000
10/08/1981 10/08/1981 Zinc A0.1600000
05/31/1979 05/31/1979 2,4,5-TP Silvex AND0.0500000
05/31/1979 05/31/1979 2,4-D AND0.0700000
05/31/1979 05/31/1979 BHC-gamma (Lindane) AND0.0002000
05/31/1979 05/31/1979 Endrin AND0.0020000
05/31/1979 05/31/1979 Methoxychlor AND0.0400000
05/31/1979 05/31/1979 Toxaphene AND0.0030000

A blank or a 0 in the MCL column indicates that a MCL has not been set for that chemical.
This list represents all sample results for all of the water system's sources and entry points.

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