ND = Not Detected at the Minimum Reporting Level

Latest Chemical Results - PWS ID: 95563 ---- WILD WOOD GOLF COURSE
Chemical Source ID Results Current MCL UOM
129304301-I10/20/202110/28/2021ARSENIC EP-AND0.0100000MG/L
125803701-I09/15/202109/24/2021ARSENIC EP-AND0.0100000MG/L
123002201-I08/18/202108/26/2021ARSENIC EP-AND0.0100000MG/L
120205701-I07/21/202107/28/2021ARSENIC EP-AND0.0100000MG/L
117404001-I06/23/202107/06/2021ARSENIC EP-AND0.0100000MG/L
111802101-I04/28/202105/05/2021ARSENIC EP-AND0.0100000MG/L
106903501-I03/10/202103/19/2021ARSENIC EP-AND0.0100000MG/L
104803501-I02/17/202103/11/2021ARSENIC EP-AND0.0100000MG/L
102001801-I01/20/202101/28/2021ARSENIC EP-AND0.0100000MG/L
102001801-I01/20/202101/28/2021NITRATE EP-A0.185000010.000000MG/L
033004201-I11/25/202012/04/2020ARSENIC EP-AND0.0100000MG/L
025900401-I09/15/202009/21/2020ARSENIC EP-A0.00400000.0100000MG/L
010609101-I04/15/202004/22/2020ARSENIC EP-AND0.0100000MG/L
001509101-I01/15/202001/22/2020NITRATE EP-AND10.000000MG/L
000808001-I01/08/202001/15/2020ARSENIC EP-AND0.0100000MG/L
932405801-I11/20/201911/26/2019ARSENIC EP-AND0.0100000MG/L
921908001-I08/07/201908/16/2019ARSENIC EP-AND0.0100000MG/L
919807601-I07/17/201907/30/2019ARSENIC EP-AND0.0100000MG/L
910704001-I04/17/201904/23/2019ARSENIC EP-AND0.0100000MG/L
910704001-I04/17/201904/23/2019NITRATE EP-AND10.000000MG/L
901606401-I01/16/201901/17/2019ARSENIC EP-AND0.0100000MG/L
829703601-I10/24/201810/26/2018ARSENIC EP-AND0.0100000MG/L
826000501-I09/17/201809/21/2018ARSENIC EP-AND0.0100000MG/L
817201901-I06/21/201806/29/2018ARSENIC EP-AND0.0100000MG/L
810809201-I04/18/201804/25/2018NITRATE EP-AND10.000000MG/L
731206001-I11/08/201711/17/2017ARSENIC EP-AND0.0100000MG/L
731206001-I11/08/201711/17/2017NITRATE EP-AND10.000000MG/L
Archived Results
Chemical Source ID Results MCL

A blank or a 0 in the MCL column indicates that a MCL has not been set for that chemical
This list represents the latest test results for all sources and entry points the system has. For systems with multiple sources the list will probably be a mix of results from all sources. But these are the latest results.

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