OHA Drinking Water Services
OHA Drinking Water Services
Contact Report Details

PWS ID: OR41 05592
Who Was Contacted: Ty Crosby
Contact Phone: 541-260-2867 (Email address hidden)
Contact Date: 10/03/2022
Contacted By: DOWNS, KENT (DWP)
Contact Method/Location: Phone
Reasons: Disinfection Byproducts
Details: DBP MCL exceedance alert for September samples collected on 09.07.22.

10.03.2022 update: DBP sampling schedule increased from yearly to quarterly sampling. This change was triggered due to the recent DBP MCL exceedance. Next steps: Ty was instructed to collect one DBP dual sample for the 4th quarter of 2022 (Between Oct 1 and December 31). The DBP dual sample should be collected at the Main Building.

09.29.2022 update: Marlin, with Civil West Engineering, informed me that he will work to have one of his team members do an initial contact with the WS on 9.30.2022.

09.26.2022-The WS operator was notified of the alert for exceedance of HAA5 and TTHM in the samples collected on September 7, 2022. I spoke with Ty, the new operator for this system. At present, their next steps are probably to reduce the chlorine dose to a minimum, maintaining at least 0.2 mg/L free chlorine at the entry point and keeping a detectable free chlorine level in the furthest parts of the distribution system. The operator was also advised to start doing routine flushing of the lines. Ty expressed needing some help figuring out how to correctly adjust chlorine dose and how to estimate the ACH coagulant dose required to achieve the optimum concentration.

Next steps: The previous circuit rider assistance in late 2015 and early 2016 discussed several options to address DBP issues, but since then there has been a change in manager and plant operator. I requested circuit rider assistance to help Ty identify DBP reduction opportunities, chemical feed math instructions and coagulant dosage optimization.

Associated Alerts: CHEM9903 - 09/20/2022 - TOTAL TRIHALOMETHANES (TTHM)


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