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PWS ID: OR41 94882
Who Was Contacted: Hans Feige
Contact Phone: 503-543-9700
Contact Date: 10/12/2022
Contact Method/Location: Phone
Reasons: Lead or Copper
Details: I spoke with Hans Feige about their water sample result which exceeded the MCL for lead, which yielded a 90th percentile summary lead result of 0.0230 mg/L.
Hans says this particular valve location that yielded the high lead result is off a line that goes to waste and it is a valve that is about a foot below the regular spigot. That valve was closed for months, and Hans says the water was not fully flushed when the system was prepped the day before.
Hans added that prior to sampling from it this time, they didn't open the bottom valve as part of the flushing process for the system. Therefore, we believe that the water may have been stagnant in that spot and/or the lead content might have collected and concentrated at that particular valve location, thus leading to the high results.
Looking at the sample results for the other taps, 4 of them show as "non-detect" and one of them show as 0.008 mg/L, below the MCL. Hans says this sample tap with the MCL exceeding concentration is at a valve from the well, prior to going through any treatment. He also added that there is a fixture located after the well but before the treatment system that may have lead content in it. The water system currently has the following Treatment components: plumbing replacement for corrosion control, and ion exchange for iron removal.
Hans says he will resample at that same valve tap as a confirmation or to ensure the lead concentration issue was resolved.
(Note: The alert was received by CCPH on 10/12/22 but the samples were collected by the system on 9/15/22.)
Additional Note: This sample location is listed as a "distribution", but it is located before going through treatment. It may be closer to a raw water tap than one representative of water served to the distribution system.
Associated Alerts: CHEM9935 - -   See also: 10/24/2022

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