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PWS ID: OR41 05549
Who Was Contacted: Lisa Cornell
Contact Phone: 541-260-2627
Contact Date: 12/15/2022
Contact Method/Location: Phone
Reasons: GWR
Details: Left a voice mail about 5 follow up samples for spring source and posted the following via us mail:
RE: E. coli at Anderson Mountain Spring (pws 05549)
Lisa Cornell:
A sample taken on 12/13/22 at the spring source of Anderson Mountain Springs showed the presence of E coli. My primary hope in this communication is that you can give fellow consumers a sense of the risk that the presence of E. coli represents. Of secondary interest is outlining the follow-up rules triggered by the E. coli that was found.
Risk Communication Interest:
• E. coli is a bacterial organism associated with fecal contamination often found in surface water.
• Chlorine disinfection can make a water source free of bacteria, but with surface water also comes risk of parasitic and viral pathogens.
• Lab analysis for coliform sample showing no coliform present is not indicative of the presence of parasitic and viral organisms.
• After the 12/13/22 sample showing E coli present makes “now” a good time to communicate or recommunicate the risk of other pathogenic organisms to households using Anderson Mountain Springs’ water.
• Enclosed is a template boil notice. You may find some language in the document helpful for a written communication.
What the Rule says in Brevity:
• The rule says if E. coli is found in a pre-treatment source sample to follow-up with 5 additional source samples within the next ten days.
• If each of those 5 samples are clean of E. coli you would return to the quarterly scheduled routine coliform sampling.
• If any of those samples shows E. coli present it means in a timely way: (1) Working with someone representing state Drinking Water Services to make a site visit to the spring and direct correction of any hazards found; or (2) Providing 4-log viral disinfection; or (3) Finding a new [safer] water source; and (5) Providing legal risk communication to households using the water.
Call 541-266-6720 to discuss (1) effective risk communication or (2) understanding ter
Associated Alerts: COLI22967 - 12/15/2022 - COLIFORM (TCR) , E. COLI

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