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PWS ID: OR41 00195
Who Was Contacted: Cheryle Warren
Contact Phone: 503-410-8487 (Email address hidden)
Contact Date: 01/31/2019
Contact Method/Location: Email
Survey: 06/27/2016
Details: Hi Cheryle: Great to hear! Please be sure to let Abbey Spielman know when you have the work done, and send her the documentation. If the work cannot be finished by the February 11 deadline, be sure and let her know; she will want to know the progress made, and roughly when it will be completed. It would be very helpful if you could cc me with whatever you send Ms. Spielman. Photos are always welcome, so we know what has been done, and what to look for when we show up to do the Sanitary Survey sometime this year (three years pass very quickly!). I believe I have your contact information all updated in the database--the phone number I have for you is 503-410-8487.

Thank you for the hard work you do keeping the water flowing for your neighbors. I look forward to meeting you when the survey is scheduled. In the meantime, if I can be of help, please give me a call! M

Meredith Reiley, REHS
Environmental Health Specialist
Clatsop County Public Health
820 Exchange Street, Suite 100
Astoria, OR 97103
Phone: (503) 338-3753
Fax: (503) 325-8678
E-mail: mreiley@co.clatsop.or.us

Clatsop County Public Health website:

-----Original Message-----
From: Cheryle Warren [mailto:cherylelynn3@icloud.com]
Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2019 5:35 PM
To: Meredith Reiley
Subject: Repairs to Westport Heights Water System 00195

I received the letter and just got your email! I apologize for our lack of compliance! Mr. Jones was supposed to have fixed these we have a new person who is in charge of maintenance! His name is Chris Martin! I will have him check to see if these repairs were done! If they were not he will take care of them. Cheryle Warren

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