OHA Drinking Water Services
OHA Drinking Water Services
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PWS ID: OR41 92634
Who Was Contacted: Janeen Tervo
Contact Phone: -- (Email address hidden)
Contact Date: 04/17/2019
Contact Method/Location: Email
Survey: 05/28/2015
Details: The operator asked: "...are there details we should be aware of in order to make this effective on the ground? While Iím not a water system engineer, it seems like disconnecting the pipe from the spring box that feeds the Cloud Cap Inn and Snow Shoe Cabin would be a straight forward solution?.."

We responded: "Disconnecting the pipe from the spring will effectively deactivate the system. There should be a complete separation of the pipes (not just a valve). This is similar to how Tilly Janeís water system was deactivated years ago. Care should probably be taken to direct the water where it wonít cause erosion (unless the pipe is capped effectively. The spring overflow currently flows out of an unknown pipe buried under a pile of rocks. It continuously overflows all the time right now and is probably stable.

Regarding the two structures, Cloud-Cap Inn has a permitted septic system (flush toilets, etc.). Without water regularly running through that system, it may become damaged by rodents, and other burrowing creatures that nest in the voids created by the dry leach field lines. However, even with bottled and hauled water being brought up to the Inn, I suspect that people would continue flushing toilets and draining wastewater at the kitchen sink. Either way, it is worth having a discussion with the permit holder.

Regarding the Snowshoe cabin, I do not know where their wastewater goes or what impact a loss of water pressure on their system would cause..."

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