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PWS ID: OR41 00214
Who Was Contacted: Jason Carman
Contact Phone: 458-221-3473 (Email address hidden)
Contact Date: 03/09/2020
Contacted By: PARRY, BETSY (DWP)
Contact Method/Location: Email
Survey: 11/13/2019
Reasons: SWTR
Details: Jason Carman (RCAC) is working with Garden Valley on their significant deficiencies. He emailed an update today & followed up by phone. Here's a rundown: Jason calibrated their benchtop turbidimeter (2100N), but asked that the completion date be extended to May 4 so he's confident that both local operators can do it properly on their own (Paul and Steve). As for their online turbidimeter (1720E), Hach stopped calibrating it some time ago (dropped the service route). Although Paul calibrated it with Jason's instructions, the Water Association is adjusting their DRC contract so that the DRC (Ray Doan) will begin calibrating the online turbidimeter quarterly. They are also developing the protocols for under-certified operators with Ray, to be completed by 3/13/20. The high NTU alarm became operational again by the end of January, but Jason recently lowered the trigger value from 3.0 to 1.0 NTU and tested the auto-dial operation.

Jason did a number of calibrations and scale adjustments with their turbidity recorders. Although the SC100 controller output is now 0-3.0 NTU (also displayed on chart recorder's digital display), the chart pen scale remains 0-1.0 NTU, which is a useful resolution for daily readings because most values are in the 0.1-0.3 NTU range. With these scalings, staff understand they are subject to a boil notice if the level surpasses 3.0 NTU because they cannot show whether it remains under 5.0.

They obtained a new pH meter and Steve will be calibrating it weekly. Addressing the pH meter - model and calibration - covers two of the significant deficiencies (for both calculating CTs correctly and meeting the corrosion control parameters).

Before the end of March, Jason will do a walk-through with Steve for a cross connection inventory - assemblies versus check valves - and make sure they have appropriate devices. The annual summary report will be completed then. He will also conduct filter profile training at that time.

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