OHA Drinking Water Services
OHA Drinking Water Services
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PWS ID: OR41 95127
Who Was Contacted: Mark Haglund
Contact Phone: 541-661-1732 (Email address hidden)
Contact Date: 05/19/2020
Contact Method/Location: Email
Assistance Type: OTHER REGULATORY - Criteria for lifting boil water notice
Reasons: Operations
Details: I emailed the operator informing him of the criteria to lift the boil water notice.

1. Drain the unknown water stored in the tanks or use that water for irrigation or non-potable uses.

2.. Shock--chlorinate well properly and flush out chlorinated water through the tanks and distribution faucets. After 5 days of no residual chlorine level detected in the well and the distribution system, collect raw source sample (and arsenic and nitrate if they haven't already from the new well).

3. If raw source sample is clean after shocking and flushing then the problem that cause the TC+ is corrected and you can now obtain a clean test result for the water in the distribution system. Important: if the raw water sample collected at the new well turns out to be positive for E. coli, the operator will have to collect 5 confirmation samples. If the confirmation samples are E. Coli + the system would be required to use their UV system to maintain 4 Log virus inactivation.

4. Test levels of arsenic, nitrate and coliforms from a water sample collected from the new well. To use the new well the system has to show acceptable levels of nitrate, arsenic and a clean coliform test result.

5. Provide photo documenting the physical disconnection of the old well.

Regarding the effects of chlorinated water on the UV system, I informed the operator that I was unaware of any information suggesting that chlorine has any negative effects on the UV light, so refilling the tanks with city chlorinated water instead of having water of unknown characteristics is a good idea.

I recieved notification from the DWS Plan Review Office informing me that Salmon Run's new source plan review information was recieved. An invoice was sent to Mr. Tony Baron last week for the plan review fee and he had sent me the plan review materials. DWS will start the plan review once the fee has been received

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