OHA Drinking Water Services
OHA Drinking Water Services
Contact Report Details

PWS ID: OR41 90869
Who Was Contacted: Diane Troup
Contact Phone: 541-247-6269 (Email address hidden)
Contact Date: 05/22/2020
Contact Method/Location: Phone
Reasons: Coliform
Details: 05.26.20 - The 3 RT samples collected last week came +TC. I spoke with Ms. Diane Troup over the phone. She was aware of the +TC RT samples.

Next-steps for the operator:
1.Collect a raw water sample - triggered sample (TG) from the well.
2.Complete a Level 1 Coliform Investigation. Form sent via email. T
3.Complete the L1 investigation form by June 15. To complete the investigation correct any sanitary defects found, and Email the complted form back to me.

Important aspects to consider when filling out the form:

- Fill out the summary box, indicating the probable cause of the problem is that caused the coliform positive. The questions on the form are designed so that checking “yes” is “bad”. In other words, if they checked something “yes “somewhere on the checklist, they will implicate it as the possible cause in the “Summary” box. If everything on the checklist is checked “no”, it is acceptable to indicate that in the “Summary” box (example: “We did not find any sanitary defects. We do not know what they possible cause is”).

-Corrective Actions box (required, if applicable): If operator checks “yes” and implicated something as the possible cause in the “Summary” box, they are expected to indicate how thy fixed it in the “Corrective Actions” box.

Ms. Troup informed me that they are working on the UV system. Operator was advised to contact me to discuss the need to post a boil water advisory.

05.22.20 - I spoke with Ms. Diane Troup. She informed me that the water system operator already took three repeats samples to the lab for testing, but did not know they were supposed to collect a source water sample. I advised her to collect a raw water sample from the well as soon as possible. This sample must be labeled as a triggered sample. I advsied her not to shock chlorinate the well or take any corrective actions prior to collecting the repeat samples. Addtional information shared via email: Basics for Small PWS, BoilWater FAQ; Water collection Procedures.
Associated Alerts: COLI19858 - 05/26/2020 - COLIFORM, TOTAL (TCR)

COLI19854 - 05/21/2020 - COLIFORM, TOTAL (TCR)

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