OHA Drinking Water Services
OHA Drinking Water Services
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PWS ID: OR41 05689
Who Was Contacted: Kelly Sevey
Contact Phone: 541-698-6000
Contact Date: 07/16/2020
Contact Method/Location: Phone
Assistance Type: OTHER REGULATORY - System Status Update
Details: 07.16.2020 - Spoke with Mr. Sevey today. Rolling Acres' new well construction was completed in April. They switched over to the new well and started drawing water on April 26, 2020. Looking back at Betsy Parry's last contact report on 03/16/2020, it seems like the system has collected water samples for the new source and test results came back clear of bacterial contamination. However, I don't yet see test results reported in SDWIS.

The old spring (SRC AA) has not been physically disconnected. The operator is waiting to see if the new well (SRC BA) is able to keep up with the water demands during the current drought before disconnecting the old spring. Mr. Sevey stated that there is currently no possibility for water from the old spring to contaminate the water stored in the tank coming from the new source. The plan is to disconnect the old spring once the drought is over and there is some level of certainty that water from the old spring won't be needed.

Treatment: Mr. Sevey stated that they are not doing residual maintenance chlorination anymore. The water from the new well is of better quality. They are still contemplating the installation of a UV treatment system in the future.

I will request for SDWIS to update SRC BA status to active and confirm if samples have been reported.

A coliform sampling plan template was sent to operator.
Associated Violations: Viol #3059812, 05/01/2020 - 05/31/2020: GWR - Monthly GW Compliance Report - Late/Nonreporting  See also: 04/30/2021

Viol #3059811, 04/01/2020 - 04/30/2020: GWR - Monthly GW Compliance Report - Late/Nonreporting  See also: 04/30/2021

Viol #3059813, 04/01/2020 - 06/30/2020: TCR - Routine Coliform - Did Not Report ANY

Viol #3059810, 03/01/2020 - 03/31/2020: GWR - Monthly GW Compliance Report - Late/Nonreporting

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