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PWS ID: OR41 00725
Who Was Contacted: Shannon Tice
Contact Phone: 503-397-1301
Contact Date: 02/03/2021
Contact Method/Location: Phone
Reasons: Other
Details: I called and spoke with Shannon regarding questions I had about McNulty's water system configuration involving the booster pumps' locations and roles, as well as their recent arsenic sample results.
Shannon told me that the system is collecting bids, and on or around Friday they will be meeting with the board and an engineer to discuss the possibilities of types of arsenic treatment/filtration systems to be installed/implemented for McNulty Water PUD. I mentioned that due to the Robinette well's reported separation from the distribution system, at the County or State level, treatment has not officially become a requirement yet at this time. Shannon responded that in order for the system to actually use their Aquifer Storage and Recovery zone and the Robinette well to supply the water system, they will need to filter or treat the system for arsenic, which is true.
Associated Alerts: CHEM9231 - 02/03/2021 - ARSENIC

More information for this water system: SDWIS ID 3402
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