OHA Drinking Water Services
OHA Drinking Water Services
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PWS ID: OR41 00725
Who Was Contacted: Robert Trotter
Contact Phone: -- (Email address hidden)
Contact Date: 02/05/2021
Contact Method/Location: Email
Assistance Type: OTHER WATER QUALITY - \Water System Current Configuration/Setup Part 1
Reasons: Operations
Details: I contacted Robert Trotter for clarification on McNulty Water PUD's current water system configuration and setup. He replied by email and stated the following:
1. The 2 booster pumps supplying the north side of the system, including the Robinette Reservoir, are located on Saulser Road and Southview Drive. Those booster pumps are supplied by the South side of the system, and the Blaha Reservoirs.
2. The Blaha and Millard wells feed the Blaha Reservoirs through dedicated fill lines, while the Stone Well pumps through the Distribution system first, on the way to the Blaha Reservoir.
There is technically one distribution system, however, when the southern side of the water system supplies the northern side of the system (via the Fairgrounds and Southview booster pumps), the Northern side of the system cannot supply water back to the Southern side, as there is no bypass that goes back around the booster pumps.
3. The ASR supplies already pumped water from the Blaha/Stone/Millard wells and is only available for the northern side, and the northern side has no true source supplying freshwater, except for that ASR.
4. The Fairgrounds (Saulser Rd) and Southview booster pumps are in series and their SCADA alternates pumping to fill the Robinette Reservoir between the 2 along with the ASR if it were operating in its normal patter during summertime.
Both of these booster pumps are fed water from the Southern side of the distribution system, which is supplied by Blaha Reservoirs. There is no other feed line or booster system between the 2 booster pumps and the Robinette Reservoir in the northern section.
Note: Due to limitations, the remainder of this description is in a Contact Report - Part 2 for 2/5/2021.

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