OHA Drinking Water Services
OHA Drinking Water Services
Contact Report Details

PWS ID: OR41 00171
Who Was Contacted: Bryan Burnham
Contact Phone: -- (Email address hidden)
Contact Date: 10/25/2021
Contact Method/Location: Email
Assistance Type: MONITORING
Reasons: Lead or Copper
Details: DWS Staff reached out to system contact informing them 1) only 19/20 lead and copper samples had been received and a M&R violation would be issued if an additional sample result was not received by 10/10/21, and 2) submitted results indicated the City would likely exceed the lead action level.

10/7/2021: System informed DWS Staff they faced participation challenges in LCR monitoring and a few sites were poorly selected (i.e. vacant city building, home being sold, galvanized standing pipe). DWS Staff told system contact that samples dropped at a lab indicate the system determined their collection was accurate. System contact also informed DWS staff that 5 additional samples had been dropped off at the lab and those results are expected to be disseminated on 10/8/2021.

10/15/2021: DWS staff outlined steps for LCR sample invalidation to the system. This included providing a brief description on how LCR monitoring sites are selected and reviewing all samples collected to ensure site sample selection criteria and sampling protocol were followed.

10/18/2021: System submit a request to invalidate 3 samples (Lab 2170209, 2170216 and 2170225) based on extended periods of no-use prior to sampling and improper sampling location.

10/21/2021: While no maximum time of non-use prior to sampling that can be used as a reason to request an invalidation of a results these samples were from non-approved locations (hose bibs and stand pipe). Consequently, all 3 samples were invalidated based on improper sampling location. With these 3 samples invalidated the City will NO LONGER exceed. The system was required to take 20 samples and invalidating these 3 will give them at total of 22 valid samples so there is not need for them to take replacement samples. Sample results and alert were deleted on 10/21/21 and system contact was contacted and informed of sample invalidation on 10/25/21.

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