OHA Drinking Water Services
Contact Report Details

PWS ID: OR41 00551
Who Was Contacted and Phone: Ernie Newton, Randy Whobrey (541) 572-2626
Contact Date: 10/30/2008
Contacted By: POTTS, JOHN (DWP)
Contact Method/Location: Field
Reasons: N/A
Details: SUMMARY: System Survey Follow up assistance DETAILS: System requested assistance in response to the significant deficiencies stated in the 9/18/08 letter from Fred Kalish. Mr Kalish identified five significant deficiencies and gave the city until 11/3/08 to respond with a plan or schedule to resolve them. Basically these deficiencies are-- no turbidity profiling, no accurate tracer study, no written protocol for under/non certified operators, no water system operations manual (O&M), non NSF chemicals used. I met with Ernie on 10/8 and I showed him how to conduct turbidity profiles both manually using the filter taps and portable tubidimeter and extrapolating data from the computer immediately after each BW as the computer does not save information longer than 12 hours. The programming software is not designed to store or print data. He can observe real-time data copy information manually and make turbidity profile graphs by hand. I discussed the issues with not having an effluent meter on the reservoirs in order to conduct a tracer study. A tracer study cannot be conducted until a meter is installed. I suggested we conduct a tracer study in the prechlorinated train in the sed basin to get contact time there. The written protocol will be handled by Bob Strassner, DRC. I reviewed the existing system O&M information and will assist them with updating and compiling. The city has contracted for using NSF chemicals in the future. I developed responses to significant deficiencies with a time table and discussed it with Randy Whobrey and emailed it to him. I researched flow meters and suppliers for the city. ACTION NEEDED: I will meet with Fred Kalish and discuss with him what he wants in the O&M manual as the city has some information already at hand and available. I will set up an appointment to conduct a tracer study of the prechlorination in the sed basin.

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