OHA Drinking Water Services
Contact Report Details

PWS ID: OR41 92627
Who Was Contacted and Phone: Trent Weseman (541) 806-6081
Contact Date: 08/31/2012
Contact Method/Location: Office
Reasons: SWTR
Details: SUMMARY: Site Visit 8/31 summary DETAILS: I met Trent, Derrick and Jeff at the treatment plant on 8/31/12 at noon. Visit prompted by system not calculating CTs daily and not completing or sending July SWTR reports to DWP. Verified system taking NTUs at sink in bldg. after 22,000 gal. storage tank. System not calibrating 2100 P per Hach specs. We calibrated systems 2100 P, and read 0.30 and 0.25 NTU at current sample tap. DWP 2100 P read 0.25. I indicated system needs tap right after bag filters before pipeline & tank. July & August readings max is 0.5 NTU, based on plant records. Verified sink chlorine residuals at 1.5 ppm - both plants colorwheel and DWPs digital. This was consistent with July & Aug. plant records. Using current estimate of contact time, 55 minutes, we verified CTs met for 1.0 log inactivation for July & August. I indicated system will need to better determine actual contact time in pipeline & tank for first user at bldg. sink. SWTR reports to be completed for July & August & sent to DWP. ACTION NEEDED: 1. System to install combined filtered effluent NTU tap in bldg. prior to tank ASAP and change to reporting NTUs pre-storage. 2. System to calculate CT achieved & CT required and accurately complete July & August SWTR reports and forward to DWP ASAP. 3. System to maintain chlorine residual at entry point bldg. sink at 1.3-1.5 ppm, and continue to verify residual twice weekly in campground. 4. System to correctly calibrate 2100 P NTU meter quarterly. 5. System to more accurately determine contact time, using accurate pipe volumes and flow determination, including fixing demand totalizing flow meter after tank, if not reading accurately. 6. System to begin changing out Strainrite filter pairs, at 25 psid accumulated across both pre & final filters, instead of 25 psid across each. 7. DWP to offer SWTR compliance support.

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