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PWS ID: OR41 91865
Who Was Contacted and Phone: Randy Reitz (541) 342-1718
Contact Date: 02/22/2013
Contact Method/Location: Office
Reasons: Lead or Copper
Details: SUMMARY: Responded to lead and copper MCL DETAILS: I spoke with Randy and he was aware of the high levels of copper but is not sure why they are high. They just re drilled another well. He suspects that there is some old copper piping in the building close to the source. I let him know that since this was the first time the levels exceeded out of the new well, they would need to take another sample at the source. Randy also told me they had not distributed any educational material to the public since September 2012. I informed him that until lead and copper levels meet the standards, public education material is required to be sent out to each business connected to the system. Public education for the tier 2 treatment technique needs to be reposted every three months. This is on the state website and must be posted in full, no cutting out text. Please note these notices are required to be posted every three months until the levels are resolved. ACTION NEEDED: Review sampling protocol. Collect source testing and WQPs, submit treatment. Provide public education to all businesses hooked up to the system.
Associated Alerts: CHEM5702 - 02/22/2013 - COPPER SUMMARY

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