OHA Drinking Water Services
OHA Drinking Water Services
Contact Report Details

PWS ID: OR41 00257
Who Was Contacted and Phone: Anonymous
Contact Date: 04/21/2014
Contacted By: KALISH, FRED (REGION 1)
Contact Method/Location: Office
Reasons: Operations
Details: SUMMARY: Complaint from water user relating to elevated chlorine level DETAILS: A caller who wished to remain anonymous called to notify DWS that he believe that the chlorine level in his water is excessive. He indicated that he had spoken to water system operator and was not satisfied with the response. He indicated he had some knowledge of chlorination. I asked if he had measured the chlorine residual at this home - he said he had not, but insisted that it was too high. I explained to him that he could also write a letter to the water system and cc DWS - and that the PWS would need to respond - he was not interested in writing a letter. I told him I would contact the water system to find out if there was any recent problems with their chlorination system. I then contacted the water system and spoke with Robert Bruce - the operator for the system. Robert recalled talking with a man recently who had this complaint and who hung up the phone on him. I questioned Robert about the functionality of the chlorination system - they have not had any problems. Robert indicated that the average chlorine residual in the system is approx 0.8 ppm, with levels leaving the WTp at a max of between 1.0 - 1.2 ppm. Robert felt that it was likely that due to consideration of breakpoint chlorination, the user may be detecting chlorine odors due to a lower level of chlorine - but when he mentioned this to the man, he hung up on him. Based on the information provided to me by Robert Bruce, it appears that the chlorination system is operating normally, and that the range of chlorine residual leaving the plant and within the distribution system is within regulatory limits. The chlorine levels reported for routine coliform samples concur with this conclusion. ACTION NEEDED: None at this time. Complaintant would not provide contact information for followup.

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