OHA Drinking Water Services
OHA Drinking Water Services
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PWS ID: OR41 05910
Who Was Contacted and Phone: amanda stine (928) 274-0120
Contact Date: 08/03/2015
Contact Method/Location: Office
Reasons: Coliform
Details: SUMMARY: Coliform DETAILS: email was sent to Amand. Except for the on line data base and iron removal we talked about these points. coliform public notice document. post it and send copy to Drinking Water Services. I suggest alternating sample sites between the faucet east of the shower building and the faucet that is sw of the modular home. all 5 August samples should be Temporary Routines. If all come back free your next sample will be due the last calendar quarter of this year. A nitrate sample is due each calendar year. The stateís on line data base indicates a nitrate sample has not been collected - https://yourwater.oregon.gov/inventory.php?pwsno=05910 You can look at this website to see what DWS tracks about your system. All the links in the first cluster apply to your RV park. Iím sending paperwork to DWS to now identify you as responsible for the public water system. Shock ChloroCalc document is what we use to help figure out how much chlorine to add. Your well has 110 gallons of water in it, assuming your it has a 6Ē diameter with 75í of water. Iím guessing there might be another 40 gallons of water in piping between the well and other faucets. That means putting 20 oz of household bleach through the system for a minimum 6 hours and then thoroughly flushing.DWS requires any treatment to a public water system to go through their plan review process. There is a fee. The process is supposed to be helpful to you. Putting a chlorinator on the system requires plan review. Many people in your vicinity have iron removal to minimize ugly red/brown staining. Putting an iron removal filter on the system would require plan review. If interested in iron removal, I suggest you do chlorination and iron removal at the same time. ACTION NEEDED: shock system.post public notice for coliforms collect 5 temporary routine samples by end of augustdo plan review prior to installation..
Associated Alerts: COLI14463 - 08/03/2015 - COLIFORM (TCR)

COLI14463 - 08/03/2015 - COLIFORM (TCR)

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