OHA Drinking Water Services
OHA Drinking Water Services
Contact Report Details

PWS ID: OR41 00370
Who Was Contacted and Phone: Francine Evans & Ed Husell (541) 676-8996
Contact Date: 05/20/2017
Contact Method/Location: Field
Reasons: N/A
Details: SUMMARY: System Deficiency Review and Possible Upgrade Recommendations DETAILS: Site visit to analyze potential upgrades to their system. Traveled to site on 4/19/2017 & met with board discussed actions would they like to take& what had they been recommended previously. Evaluation done last June 16 by environmental Engineer. They needed to run power to each site (8 storage tanks), with a small building & Chlorine mixing tank & injection pump. Could possibly be done with no power with use of erosion chlorinator in 2 places- valve box for Spring #4 & #5 where the pipe for Spring #3 is only 5-8 ft N.3 springs chlorinated at point which would chlorinate 5 storage tanks (3 from Spring #3 & 2 storage tanks Spring 4 & 5. Board is willing piping & nstall valves make work but may need some guidance from engineering group. This would include small insulated building to house erosion chlorinator and valves. 2nd chlorinator would be at the site of Spring 1 & 2 & would be set up valves & small insulated building to prevent freezing. The overflows for 1 & 2 springs are uphill of storage tanks so excess water flows out storage tanks. This would chlorinate the 2 storage tanks on part of system that feed from 1 & 2 Springs Storage tanks need to be flushed & cleaned. Culd be done by using isolation valves on piping coming from individual springs to the tanks and the drains below them. A water tank truck with pump could be used to put clean & possibly chlorinated water into tanks to flush. Create need to dechlorinate water as it runs from drain. If just clean water was used this wouldnt be needed but close attention needed at drain to make sure water had cleaned up. ACTION NEEDED: Board needs to present Letter of interest for funding and to seek an engineering group or consultant to help the draw plans to see if this project is feasible

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