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Nitrate Samples - PWS ID: 91891 ---- WESTLAKE RESORT
Source Name Source ID Results MCL UOM
2009952001-I09/23/202009/29/2020NITRATE EP FOR WELL AEP-A8.780000010.0000MG/L
1907A89001-I07/24/201907/30/2019NITRATE EP FOR WELL AEP-A2.670000010.0000MG/L
1807D53001-I07/30/201808/01/2018NITRATE EP FOR WELL AEP-A5.080000010.0000MG/L
1706535001-I06/12/201706/14/2017NITRATE EP FOR WELL AEP-A0.541000010.0000MG/L
1610829001-I10/19/201610/20/2016NITRATE EP FOR WELL AEP-A0.611000010.0000MG/L
1509953001-I09/23/201509/29/2015NITRATE EP FOR WELL AEP-A2.240000010.0000MG/L
1509953002-I09/23/201509/29/2015NITRATE EP FOR WELL BEP-B2.480000010.0000MG/L
1412B25001-I12/22/201412/30/2014NITRATE EP FOR WELL AEP-A0.112000010.0000MG/L
1412B27001-I12/22/201412/30/2014NITRATE EP FOR WELL BEP-B0.419000010.0000MG/L
132585-I06/19/201306/21/2013NITRATE EP FOR WELL AEP-A1.400000010.0000MG/L
132583-I06/19/201306/21/2013NITRATE EP FOR WELL BEP-B3.800000010.0000MG/L
123053-I06/27/201207/06/2012NITRATE EP FOR WELL AEP-A4.800000010.0000MG/L
123052-I06/27/201207/06/2012NITRATE EP FOR WELL BEP-B2.100000010.0000MG/L
114522-I09/14/201109/23/2011NITRATE EP FOR WELL AEP-A2.700000010.0000MG/L
114527-I09/14/201109/23/2011NITRATE EP FOR WELL BEP-B2.200000010.0000MG/L
106262-I12/15/201012/23/2010NITRATE EP FOR WELL AEP-AND10.0000MG/L
106263-I12/15/201012/23/2010NITRATE EP FOR WELL BEP-BND10.0000MG/L
295699-I11/12/200911/13/2009NITRATE EP FOR WELL AEP-AND10.0000MG/L
295698-I11/12/200911/13/2009NITRATE EP FOR WELL BEP-BND10.0000MG/L
282537-I05/15/200805/22/2008NITRATE EP FOR WELL AEP-A4.500000010.0000MG/L
282538-I05/15/200805/22/2008NITRATE EP FOR WELL BEP-B4.500000010.0000MG/L
27013901/17/200701/29/2007NITRATE EP FOR WELL AEP-AND10.0000MG/L
27014101/17/200701/29/2007NITRATE EP FOR WELL BEP-BND10.0000MG/L
26067603/01/200603/06/2006NITRATE EP FOR WELL AEP-A1.200000010.0000MG/L
26067803/01/200603/06/2006NITRATE EP FOR WELL BEP-B1.400000010.0000MG/L
25130004/13/200504/18/2005NITRATE EP FOR WELL AEP-AND10.0000MG/L
25129904/13/200504/18/2005NITRATE EP FOR WELL BEP-B3.800000010.0000MG/L
24343509/13/200409/27/2004NITRATE EP FOR WELL AEP-A5.400000010.0000MG/L
24343409/13/200409/27/2004NITRATE EP FOR WELL BEP-B7.200000010.0000MG/L
23093103/19/200303/31/2003NITRATE EP FOR WELL AEP-AND10.0000MG/L
23093203/19/200303/31/2003NITRATE EP FOR WELL BEP-B3.400000010.0000MG/L
22314809/11/200209/17/2002NITRATE EP FOR WELL AEP-A6.700000010.0000MG/L
22315009/11/200209/17/2002NITRATE EP FOR WELL BEP-B6.600000010.0000MG/L
Archived Nitrate Samples - PWS ID: 91891
Source Name Source ID Results MCL
 12/19/0001/16/01NitrateWELL AAA4.300000010.0000
 12/15/0012/21/00NitrateWELL AAAND10.0000
 12/15/0012/21/00NitrateWELL BBA3.600000010.0000
 01/20/9902/17/99NitrateWELL AAAND10.0000
 07/16/9008/21/90NitrateEP FOR WELL AA1.200000010.0000
 09/24/8009/24/80NitrateEP FOR WELL AA0.600000010.0000
A blank or a 0 in the MCL column indicates that a MCL has not been set for that chemical.

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