OHA Drinking Water Services

Water System #: OR41 01231 ---- SODAVILLE, CITY OF

Distribution Class:N
Treatment Class:N
Filtration Class:N
Certification Number(s) Name Distribution Is DRC* Treatment Is DRC* Filtration D/T Expiration
SWS Is DRC* SWS Expiration
Numeric Cert # Sort Name
N/A J D Burns Yes Yes 07/31/2024916992 Burns, J D

*DRC = Direct Responsible Charge

***The SWS certification requirement can be met by using a DRC operator with a current certification in the WD/WT series.

Certification Requirements
Small Water System Operator
Oregon Administrative Rule: 333-061-0228 Certification Requirements For Small Water System Operators
Requirements: (1) An applicant for initial certification as an operator of a small water system must meet the following requirements:
(i) Completion of Department approved training on small water system operation and water treatment processes
(2) A small water system operator certificate expires on July 31 every 3 years. A certificate will be renewed upon satisfactory evidence presented to the Department that the operator has completed 6 hours of Department approved continuing education since the issuance date of the last certificate by submittal of the attendance certificate along with the designated application form. When renewed, the new certificate will be valid for three years from the expiration date of the prior certificate.
(3) An operator whose certificate has expired cannot be in responsible charge of any small water system.
(4) Small water systems are exempt from fees.