ND = Not Detected at the Minimum Reporting Level; View Gross Alpha, Radium, & Uranium

Radionuclide Samples - PWS ID: 00506 ---- NEAHKAHNIE WATER DISTRICT
Chemical Source ID Results MCL UOM
729105803-R10/18/1712/08/17COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-AND 5.0000PCI/L
729105803-R10/18/1712/08/17COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-AND 0.0300MG/L
729105803-R10/18/1712/08/17GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-AND15.0000PCI/L
729105804-R10/18/1712/08/17COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-BND 5.0000PCI/L
729105804-R10/18/1712/08/17COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-BND 0.0300MG/L
729105804-R10/18/1712/08/17GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-BND15.0000PCI/L
125004402-R08/30/1111/21/11COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-AND 5.0000PCI/L
125004402-R08/30/1111/21/11COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-AND 0.0300MG/L
125004402-R08/30/1111/21/11GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-A3.100000015.0000PCI/L
125004401-R08/30/1111/21/11COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-B1.3000000 5.0000PCI/L
125004401-R08/30/1111/21/11COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-BND 0.0300MG/L
125004401-R08/30/1111/21/11GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-B2.100000015.0000PCI/L
02325/29R11/21/0202/11/03COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-AND 5.0000PCI/L
02325/29R11/21/0202/11/03COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-AND 0.0300MG/L
02325/29R11/21/0202/11/03GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-AND15.0000PCI/L
02325/3011/21/0202/11/03COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-BND 5.0000PCI/L
02325/3011/21/0202/11/03COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-BND 0.0300MG/L
02325/3011/21/0202/11/03GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-BND15.0000PCI/L
02325/3111/21/0202/11/03COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) (EPA 4010)EP-DND 5.0000PCI/L
02325/3111/21/0202/11/03COMBINED URANIUM (EPA 4006)EP-DND 0.0300MG/L
02325/3111/21/0202/11/03GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U (EPA 4000)EP-DND15.0000PCI/L
Archived Results
Chemical Source ID Results MCL
07/22/9910/15/99Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UAA1.030000015.0000
07/22/9910/15/99Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UBA-0.34000015.0000
07/22/9910/15/99Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UDA0.520000015.0000
05/04/9612/06/96Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UAND15.0000
05/04/9612/06/96Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UB0.168000015.0000
05/04/9612/06/96Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UCA0.045100015.0000
05/04/9612/06/96Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UDA0.094400015.0000
06/15/9510/03/96Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UA0.070300015.0000
06/15/9510/03/96Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UB0.466000015.0000
06/15/9510/03/96Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UDA0.042600015.0000
02/07/9105/30/91Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UAND15.0000
02/07/9105/30/91Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UBND15.0000
02/07/9105/30/91Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UCND15.0000
01/22/8703/23/87Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UAND15.0000
01/22/8703/23/87Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & UBND15.0000

A blank or a 0 in the MCL column indicates that a MCL has not been set for that chemical.

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