PWS ID: 00307 ---- FOSSIL, CITY OF

Most Recent Water System Survey
Survey Date: Aug 30, 2017
Notification Date: Sep 12, 2017 (13 days)
Regulating Agency: DWS (REGION 1)
Survey Frequency: 3 YR  -  Visit the Water System Surveys page to see the list of surveys due each year.
Category Deficiency Due Date Resolved Date
Finished Water Storage No screened ventJan 16, 2018 Jan 12, 2018
Spring Source No watertight access hatch/entryJan 16, 2018 Jan 12, 2018

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Water System Site Visit History
Reason Visit Date Frequency Next Due Notification Date
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Comments and
Sanitary Survey, Finished (SNSV) 08/30/2017 3 YR  * 09/12/2017 (13) REGION 1 Show details
Sanitary Survey, Finished (SNSV) 07/29/2014 3 YR  * 08/21/2014 (23) REGION 1 Show details
Sanitary Survey, Finished (SNSV) 07/20/2011 3 YR  * 08/26/2011 (37) DWP Hide details

Significant deficiencies noted in 2011 survey are as follows:

  • Fairgrounds Well casing is not watertight - corrected
  • Remove potential contaminants from Deep Well building - corrected
  • Improve vent screen for Deep Well - corrected
  • Replace/repair screen on Starr Spring outflow pipe - corrected
  • Locate overflow pipe for Starr Spring to ensure it is protected - corrected
  • Discontinue use of the chlorine tablet dispensers at concrete reservoirs - tablets no longer added
  • Ensure that concrete reservoirs' roofs are watertight - corrected
  • Add lock to steel reservoir hatch - corrected
  • Collect Radium 226/228 at EP-A - initial monitoring completed in 2012
  • No written Emergency Response Plan - in progress
  • No written Consumer Confidence Report - corrected September 22, 2011
  • No written Coliform Sampling Plan - corrected
  • Deepening of 3rd & Chase Well - corrected in July 2013

On 6/12/13, spoke with William Potter about deficiencies. Remaining items to correct are plan review for deepening well, ERP and O&M manual.
On 10/18/12, spoke with William Potter regarding deficiencies and he will send information on corrected items.

Category Deficiency Due Date Resolved Date
Finished Water Storage Hatch not locked or adequately securedNot tracked
Finished Water Storage Roof and access hatch not watertightNot tracked
Finished Water Storage No screened ventNot tracked
Management & Operations Emergency response plan not completedNot tracked
Management & Operations Major modifications not approved (plan review)Not tracked
Management & Operations Annual CCR not submitted (CWS)Not tracked
Monitoring & Reporting Monitoring not currentNot tracked
Monitoring & Reporting No coliform sampling planNot tracked
Spring Source No screened overflowNot tracked
Well Construction Sanitary seal and casing not watertightNot tracked
Well Construction Does not meet setbacks from hazardsNot tracked
Well Construction No screen on existing well ventNot tracked
Other Treatment Non-NSF approved chemicalsNot tracked

Deficiency dates were not tracked prior to 1/1/2014.
Sanitary Survey, Finished (SNSV) 11/21/2008 5 YR  * 11/21/2008 (0) DWP Show details
Sanitary Survey, Finished (SNSV) 04/22/2003 5 YR  * DWP Show details

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