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Most Recent Water System Survey
Survey Date: Apr 12, 2022
Notification Date: Apr 29, 2022 (17 days)
Regulating Agency: LANE COUNTY
Survey Frequency: 3 YR  -  Visit the Water System Surveys page to see the list of surveys due each year.
Category Deficiency Due Date Resolved Date
Cross Connection Annual summary report not issued (CWS)Sep 02, 2022 Apr 11, 2022
Management & Operations Annual CCR not submitted (CWS)Sep 02, 2022 Apr 11, 2022
Well Construction No screen on existing well ventSep 02, 2022 May 09, 2022

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Water System Site Visit History
Reason Visit Date Frequency Next Due Notification Date
(Days after survey)
Comments and
Sanitary Survey, Finished (SNSV) 04/12/2022 3 YR  * 04/29/2022 (17) LANE COUNTY Show details
Sanitary Survey, Finished (SNSV) 06/21/2018 3 YR  * 07/13/2018 (22) LANE COUNTY Show details
Sanitary Survey, Finished (SNSV) 10/29/2014 3 YR  * 11/14/2014 (16) LANE COUNTY Show details
Sanitary Survey, Finished (SNSV) 11/13/2010 3 YR  * 12/06/2010 (23) LANE COUNTY Hide details

The deficiencies noted are as follows:

Treatment Deficiencies
1. Minimum CT requirement not met at all times.

Monitoring Deficiencies
1. Sampling not current (Radionuclides).
2. MCL Violations (Lead & Copper).
3. No coliform sampling plan.

Management & Operations Deficiencies
1. No Operation and Maintenance Manual.
2. No Emergency Response Plan.

Distribution Deficiencies -- Cross Connection
1. No ordinance or enabling authority.

The recommendations and comments noted are as follows :

1. The DWP has established criteria for determining whether a system should be considered to have "outstanding performance." Systems that are
designated outstanding performers may have their water system survey frequency reduced from every 3 years to every 5 years. Although your water
system did not meet the established criteria, please review the enclosed handout to see what steps you can take in the future towards receiving
this designation.

2. Requesting a tracer study. Tracer studies are a free service performed by HBH engineering to determine adequate chlroine contact time. This
tracer study essentially does a test on the system by increasing the amount of chlorine introduced into the system and recording
the time the increased chlorine takes to get to the first user. Please call (503) 625-8065 to request a tracer study be conducted.

Category Deficiency Due Date Resolved Date
Cross Connection No ordinance or enabling authority (CWS)Not tracked
Management & Operations No operations and maintenance manualNot tracked
Management & Operations Emergency response plan not completedNot tracked
Monitoring & Reporting Monitoring not currentNot tracked
Monitoring & Reporting MCL violationsNot tracked
Monitoring & Reporting No coliform sampling planNot tracked
Disinfection Minimum CT requirement not met all timesNot tracked
Deficiency dates were not tracked prior to 1/1/2014.
Sanitary Survey, Finished (SNSV) 05/24/2007 3 YR  * 06/19/2007 (26) REGION 2 Show details
Sanitary Survey, Finished (SNSV) 08/14/2002 5 YR  * DWP Show details

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