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Entry Point Chemical Detection Summary   PWS ID: 00055 ---- ASTORIA, CITY OF
These entry point concentrations are greater than non-detect and do not necessarily exceed an action level, MCL, or other threshold.
Links to sample results for specific contaminants in the distribution system, can be found here.
Point ID
Analyte Result UOM MCL Sample ID
03/23/202204/07/2022EP-AEP FOR CREEKS AND MIDDLE LAKENITRATE 0.3840000MG/L 10.000000208202402-I
05/19/202105/26/2021EP-AEP FOR CREEKS AND MIDDLE LAKENITRATE 0.3130000MG/L 10.000000113903702-I
04/15/202005/22/2020EP-AEP FOR CREEKS AND MIDDLE LAKEBARIUM 0.0065200MG/L 2.000000010606701
04/15/202005/22/2020EP-AEP FOR CREEKS AND MIDDLE LAKEFLUORIDE 0.7600000MG/L 4.000000010606701-I
04/15/202005/22/2020EP-AEP FOR CREEKS AND MIDDLE LAKENITRATE 0.3140000MG/L 10.000000010606703-I
04/15/202005/22/2020EP-AEP FOR CREEKS AND MIDDLE LAKENITRATE 0.3640000MG/L 10.000000010606701-I
04/15/2020EP-AEP FOR CREEKS AND MIDDLE LAKENITRATE-NITRITE 0.3140000MG/L 10.000000010606703-I
04/15/2020EP-AEP FOR CREEKS AND MIDDLE LAKENITRATE-NITRITE 0.3640000MG/L 10.000000010606701-I
04/15/202005/22/2020EP-AEP FOR CREEKS AND MIDDLE LAKESODIUM 6.5000000MG/L 010606701-I
08/14/201908/27/2019EP-AEP FOR CREEKS AND MIDDLE LAKENITRATE 0.3180000MG/L 10.000000922605501-I
09/19/201809/26/2018EP-AEP FOR CREEKS AND MIDDLE LAKENITRATE 0.1470000MG/L 10.000000826210101-I
05/10/201705/19/2017EP-AEP FOR CREEKS AND MIDDLE LAKENITRATE 0.2740000MG/L 10.000000713003502-I
05/18/201605/26/2016EP-AEP FOR CREEKS AND MIDDLE LAKENITRATE 0.3810000MG/L 10.000000613907601-I
07/08/201507/20/2015EP-AEP FOR CREEKS AND MIDDLE LAKENITRATE 0.2640000MG/L 10.000000518903401-I
02/26/201403/18/2014EP-AEP FOR CREEKS AND MIDDLE LAKECOMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) 1.8000000PCI/L 5.000000405702401-R
01/09/201301/17/2013EP-AEP FOR CREEKS AND MIDDLE LAKENITRATE 0.8000000MG/L 10.000000300902601-I
01/11/201210/17/2012EP-AEP FOR CREEKS AND MIDDLE LAKENITRATE 0.6000000MG/L 10.000000201103901-I
01/05/201102/23/2011EP-AEP FOR CREEKS AND MIDDLE LAKENITRATE 0.6000000MG/L 10.000000100500801-I
01/05/2011EP-AEP FOR CREEKS AND MIDDLE LAKENITRATE-NITRITE 0.6000000MG/L 10.000000100500801-I
01/05/201102/23/2011EP-AEP FOR CREEKS AND MIDDLE LAKESODIUM 5.3000000MG/L 100500801-I
01/07/201002/17/2010EP-AEP FOR CREEKS AND MIDDLE LAKENITRATE 0.7000000MG/L 10.0000001000724-I
12/10/200901/14/2010EP-AEP FOR CREEKS AND MIDDLE LAKECOMBINED URANIUM 0.0020000MG/L 0.0300000934424
01/08/200903/10/2009EP-AEP FOR CREEKS AND MIDDLE LAKENITRATE 0.6000000MG/L 10.0000000900814-I
01/24/200803/10/2008EP-AEP FOR CREEKS AND MIDDLE LAKENITRATE 0.6000000MG/L 10.0000000802405
01/26/200602/28/2006EP-AEP FOR CREEKS AND MIDDLE LAKENITRATE 0.5000000MG/L 10.00000006026/22
01/15/200402/02/2004EP-AEP FOR CREEKS AND MIDDLE LAKENITRATE 0.5000000MG/L 10.00000004015/33
01/16/200301/31/2003EP-AEP FOR CREEKS AND MIDDLE LAKENITRATE 1.0000000MG/L 10.00000003016/21
05/16/200207/15/2002EP-AEP FOR CREEKS AND MIDDLE LAKECOMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) 1.6800000PCI/L 5.00000002136/35R
05/16/200207/15/2002EP-AEP FOR CREEKS AND MIDDLE LAKECOMBINED URANIUM 0.0000197MG/L 0.03000002136/35R
02/14/200204/11/2002EP-AEP FOR CREEKS AND MIDDLE LAKECOPPER, FREE 0.0090000MG/L 1.30000002045/35I
02/14/200204/11/2002EP-AEP FOR CREEKS AND MIDDLE LAKESODIUM 5.3300000MG/L 02045/35I
Archived Chemical Detections - PWS ID: 00055
Source ID Source Name Analyte
Results MCL
01/20/200002/15/2000AEP FOR WTPChloride 8.0000000
01/20/200002/15/2000AEP FOR WTPFluoride 1.2000000 4.0000
01/20/200002/15/2000AEP FOR WTPNitrate 0.600000010.0000
01/20/200002/15/2000AEP FOR WTPSodium 5.6800000
01/14/199902/11/1999AEP FOR WTPAluminum 0.0180000
01/14/199902/11/1999AEP FOR WTPBromodichloromethane 0.0010000
01/14/199902/11/1999AEP FOR WTPChloride 14.0000000
01/14/199902/11/1999AEP FOR WTPChloroform 0.0035000
01/14/199902/11/1999AEP FOR WTPCopper 0.0300000 1.3000
01/14/199902/11/1999AEP FOR WTPFluoride 1.0000000 4.0000
01/14/199902/11/1999AEP FOR WTPIron 0.0300000
01/14/199902/11/1999AEP FOR WTPNitrate 0.700000010.0000
01/14/199902/11/1999AEP FOR WTPSodium 5.3700000
01/15/199802/05/1998AEP FOR WTPBromodichloromethane 0.0021000
01/15/199802/05/1998AEP FOR WTPChloride 10.0000000
01/15/199802/05/1998AEP FOR WTPChloroform 0.0069000
01/15/199802/05/1998AEP FOR WTPCopper 0.0300000 1.3000
01/15/199802/05/1998AEP FOR WTPDibromochloromethane 0.0006000
01/15/199802/05/1998AEP FOR WTPFluoride 1.2000000 4.0000
01/15/199802/05/1998AEP FOR WTPHardness, Total (as CaC03) 24.0000000
01/15/199802/05/1998AEP FOR WTPNitrate 0.800000010.0000
01/15/199802/05/1998AEP FOR WTPPh 6.1000000
01/15/199802/05/1998AEP FOR WTPResidue, Total-Fixed 53.0000000
01/15/199802/05/1998AEP FOR WTPSodium 4.8900000
01/23/199702/21/1997AEP FOR WTPChloride 84.0000000
01/23/199702/21/1997AEP FOR WTPCopper 0.0200000 1.3000
01/23/199702/21/1997AEP FOR WTPFluoride 1.2000000 4.0000
01/23/199702/21/1997AEP FOR WTPHardness, Total (as CaC03) 32.0000000
01/23/199702/21/1997AEP FOR WTPNitrate 0.960000010.0000
01/23/199702/21/1997AEP FOR WTPPh 6.5000000
01/23/199702/21/1997AEP FOR WTPResidue, Total-Fixed 16.0000000
01/23/199702/21/1997AEP FOR WTPSodium 5.3000000
01/11/199601/31/1996AEP FOR WTPConductivity @ 25 C U-MHO 69.0000000
01/11/199601/31/1996AEP FOR WTPGross Alpha, Excl. Radon & U 1.000000015.0000
01/11/199601/31/1996AEP FOR WTPPh 6.8000000
10/05/199510/20/1995AEP FOR WTPNitrate 0.300000010.0000
08/03/199508/15/1995AEP FOR WTPNitrate 0.440000010.0000
06/22/199508/04/1995AEP FOR WTPChloride 5.0000000
06/22/199508/04/1995AEP FOR WTPCopper 0.1100000 1.3000
06/22/199508/04/1995AEP FOR WTPFluoride 1.2000000 4.0000
06/22/199508/04/1995AEP FOR WTPHardness, Total (as CaC03) 28.0000000
06/22/199508/04/1995AEP FOR WTPPh 7.1800000
06/22/199508/04/1995AEP FOR WTPResidue, Total-Fixed 69.0000000
06/22/199508/04/1995AEP FOR WTPSodium 6.1000000
06/22/199508/04/1995AEP FOR WTPTotal Dissolved Solids (TDS) 59.0000000
02/10/199403/10/1994AEP FOR WTPChloride 6.5000000
02/10/199403/08/1994AEP FOR WTPCopper 0.0070000 1.3000
02/10/199403/08/1994AEP FOR WTPFluoride 0.2100000 4.0000
02/10/199403/08/1994AEP FOR WTPHardness, Total (as CaC03) 30.0000000
02/10/199403/08/1994AEP FOR WTPIron 0.0300000
02/10/199403/08/1994AEP FOR WTPNitrate 0.340000010.0000
02/10/199403/08/1994AEP FOR WTPPh 7.3100000
02/10/199403/08/1994AEP FOR WTPResidue, Total-Fixed 70.0000000
02/10/199403/08/1994AEP FOR WTPSodium 6.0000000
02/10/199403/08/1994AEP FOR WTPTotal Dissolved Solids (TDS) 53.0000000
04/08/199311/05/1993AEP FOR WTPFluoride 1.2000000 4.0000
04/08/199311/05/1993AEP FOR WTPNitrate 0.400000010.0000
04/08/199311/05/1993AEP FOR WTPNitrate-Nitrite 0.410000010.0000
04/08/199311/05/1993AEP FOR WTPNitrite 0.0100000 1.0000
04/08/199311/05/1993AEP FOR WTPSodium 5.6200000
04/08/199311/05/1993AEP FOR WTPSulfate 5.0000000
01/14/199301/06/1994AEP FOR WTPBromodichloromethane 0.0012000
01/14/199301/06/1994AEP FOR WTPChloroform 0.0109000
01/14/199303/17/1993AEP FOR WTPFluoride 0.1300000 4.0000
01/14/199301/06/1994AEP FOR WTPFluoride 1.0000000 4.0000
01/14/199301/06/1994AEP FOR WTPNitrate 1.000000010.0000
01/14/199303/17/1993AEP FOR WTPNitrate 1.000000010.0000
01/14/199303/17/1993AEP FOR WTPNitrate-Nitrite 1.000000010.0000
01/14/199303/17/1993AEP FOR WTPSodium 6.4000000
01/14/199301/06/1994AEP FOR WTPSodium 7.8100000
01/14/199304/28/1993AEP FOR WTPTThm 0.0578000 0.1000
10/20/199211/25/1992AEP FOR WTPTThm 0.0638000 0.1000
07/09/199208/05/1992AEP FOR WTPTThm 0.0051000 0.1000
04/15/199205/22/1992AEP FOR WTPTThm 0.0324000 0.1000
01/24/199202/06/1992AEP FOR WTPArsenic 0.0030000 0.0500
01/24/199202/06/1992AEP FOR WTPFluoride 0.1100000 4.0000
01/24/199202/06/1992AEP FOR WTPNitrate 1.200000010.0000
01/24/199202/06/1992AEP FOR WTPSodium 5.0000000
01/09/199202/11/1992AEP FOR WTPTThm 0.0648000 0.1000
10/31/199112/13/1991AEP FOR WTPTThm 0.0490000 0.1000
07/23/199110/19/1991AEP FOR WTPTThm 0.0740000 0.1000
04/08/199106/18/1991AEP FOR WTPTThm 0.0569000 0.1000
01/21/199102/26/1991AEP FOR WTPChloride 1.0000000
01/21/199102/26/1991AEP FOR WTPHardness, Total (as CaC03) 22.0000000
01/21/199102/26/1991AEP FOR WTPIron 0.0500000
01/21/199102/26/1991AEP FOR WTPNitrate 0.800000010.0000
01/21/199102/26/1991AEP FOR WTPPh 7.0000000
01/21/199102/26/1991AEP FOR WTPSodium 4.6700000
01/21/199102/26/1991AEP FOR WTPTotal Dissolved Solids (TDS) 85.0000000
01/21/199103/05/1991AEP FOR WTPTThm 0.0542000 0.1000
01/12/199502/17/1995AABEAR CREEKChloride 6.5000000
01/12/199502/17/1995AABEAR CREEKFluoride 0.5000000 4.0000
01/12/199502/17/1995AABEAR CREEKHardness, Total (as CaC03) 28.0000000
01/12/199502/17/1995AABEAR CREEKPh 6.6600000
01/12/199502/17/1995AABEAR CREEKSodium 5.6000000
01/12/199502/17/1995AABEAR CREEKTotal Dissolved Solids (TDS) 50.0000000
01/11/199602/23/1996ABEP FOR CEDAR CREEK (WATERWORKS CREEK)Chloride 7.8000000
01/11/199602/23/1996ABEP FOR CEDAR CREEK (WATERWORKS CREEK)Chloroform 0.0080000
01/11/199602/23/1996ABEP FOR CEDAR CREEK (WATERWORKS CREEK)Dibromochloromethane 0.0005000
01/11/199602/23/1996ABEP FOR CEDAR CREEK (WATERWORKS CREEK)Fluoride 1.3000000 4.0000
01/11/199602/23/1996ABEP FOR CEDAR CREEK (WATERWORKS CREEK)Hardness, Total (as CaC03) 20.0000000
01/11/199602/23/1996ABEP FOR CEDAR CREEK (WATERWORKS CREEK)Iron 0.0600000
01/11/199602/23/1996ABEP FOR CEDAR CREEK (WATERWORKS CREEK)Nitrate 0.760000010.0000
01/11/199602/23/1996ABEP FOR CEDAR CREEK (WATERWORKS CREEK)Nitrate-Nitrite 0.760000010.0000
01/11/199602/23/1996ABEP FOR CEDAR CREEK (WATERWORKS CREEK)Ph 6.5500000
01/11/199602/23/1996ABEP FOR CEDAR CREEK (WATERWORKS CREEK)Residue, Total-Fixed 57.0000000
01/11/199602/23/1996ABEP FOR CEDAR CREEK (WATERWORKS CREEK)Sodium 5.9000000
01/14/199303/17/1993ABCEDAR CREEK (WATERWORKS CREEK)Fluoride 0.1300000 4.0000
01/14/199303/17/1993ABCEDAR CREEK (WATERWORKS CREEK)Nitrate 0.680000010.0000
01/14/199303/17/1993ABCEDAR CREEK (WATERWORKS CREEK)Nitrate-Nitrite 0.680000010.0000
01/14/199303/17/1993ABCEDAR CREEK (WATERWORKS CREEK)Selenium 0.0080000 0.0500
01/14/199303/17/1993ABCEDAR CREEK (WATERWORKS CREEK)Sodium 5.9000000
01/24/199202/06/1992ABCEDAR CREEK (WATERWORKS CREEK)Arsenic 0.0050000 0.0500
01/24/199202/06/1992ABCEDAR CREEK (WATERWORKS CREEK)Barium 0.0520000 2.0000
01/24/199202/06/1992ABCEDAR CREEK (WATERWORKS CREEK)Fluoride 0.1100000 4.0000
01/24/199202/06/1992ABCEDAR CREEK (WATERWORKS CREEK)Nitrate 1.500000010.0000
01/24/199202/06/1992ABCEDAR CREEK (WATERWORKS CREEK)Sodium 5.5000000
01/21/199102/26/1991ABCEDAR CREEK (WATERWORKS CREEK)Chloride 1.5000000
01/21/199102/26/1991ABCEDAR CREEK (WATERWORKS CREEK)Fluoride 0.1000000 4.0000
01/21/199102/26/1991ABCEDAR CREEK (WATERWORKS CREEK)Hardness, Total (as CaC03) 22.0000000
01/21/199102/26/1991ABCEDAR CREEK (WATERWORKS CREEK)Iron 0.0300000
01/21/199102/26/1991ABCEDAR CREEK (WATERWORKS CREEK)Nitrate 0.680000010.0000
01/21/199102/26/1991ABCEDAR CREEK (WATERWORKS CREEK)Ph 6.8000000
01/21/199102/26/1991ABCEDAR CREEK (WATERWORKS CREEK)Sodium 4.4900000
01/21/199102/26/1991ABCEDAR CREEK (WATERWORKS CREEK)Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) 80.0000000
01/20/200002/29/2000ACMIDDLE LAKEGross Alpha, Excl. Radon & U 0.250000015.0000

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