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Entry Point Chemical Detection Summary   PWS ID: 00708 ---- ROCKAWAY BEACH WTR DIST
These entry point concentrations are greater than non-detect and do not necessarily exceed an action level, MCL, or other threshold.
Links to sample results for specific contaminants in the distribution system, can be found here.
Point ID
Analyte Result UOM MCL Sample ID
09/13/202209/21/2022EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSNITRATE 0.4720000MG/L 10.0000002256013-01-I
05/18/202107/13/2021EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSBARIUM 0.0079800MG/L 2.000000113900201
05/18/202107/13/2021EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSNITRATE 0.6240000MG/L 10.000000113900201-I
05/18/2021EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSNITRATE-NITRITE 0.6240000MG/L 10.000000113900201-I
05/18/202107/13/2021EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSSODIUM 10.1000000MG/L 113900201-I
02/04/202102/11/2021EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSNITRATE 0.6140000MG/L 10.000000103501402-I
01/22/202001/28/2020EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSNITRATE 0.6730000MG/L 10.000000002200801-I
03/12/201904/08/2019EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSNITRATE 0.5920000MG/L 10.000000907200901-I
01/23/201802/16/2018EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSBARIUM 0.0043800MG/L 2.000000802401101
01/23/201802/16/2018EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSNITRATE 0.5030000MG/L 10.000000802401101-I
01/23/2018EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSNITRATE-NITRITE 0.5030000MG/L 10.000000802401101-I
01/23/201802/16/2018EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSSODIUM 19.4000000MG/L 802401101-I
03/07/201703/21/2017EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSNITRATE 0.7640000MG/L 10.000000706701901-I
01/25/201602/10/2016EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSNITRATE 1.0300000MG/L 10.000000602600201-I
02/04/201503/03/2015EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSNITRATE 0.9460000MG/L 10.000000503502102-I
01/28/201402/03/2014EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSNITRATE 0.7950000MG/L 10.000000402801601-I
10/08/201210/12/2012EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSNITRATE 0.7000000MG/L 10.000000228200601-I
07/20/201109/12/2011EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSGROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U 2.8000000PCI/L 15.000000120102101-R
07/12/201109/12/2011EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSGROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U 1.1000000PCI/L 15.000000119301702-R
03/23/201104/27/2011EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSNITRATE 1.4000000MG/L 10.000000108300601-I
01/19/201002/17/2010EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSNITRATE 1.0000000MG/L 10.0000001002007-I
02/03/200903/27/2009EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSNITRATE 1.0000000MG/L 10.0000000903511-I
02/03/2009EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSNITRATE-NITRITE 1.0000000MG/L 10.0000000903511-I
02/03/200903/27/2009EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSSODIUM 19.7000000MG/L 0903511-I
02/20/200804/11/2008EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSNITRATE 0.7000000MG/L 10.0000000805243-I
04/16/200705/02/2007EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSNITRATE 0.9000000MG/L 10.0000000710640
10/18/200612/07/2006EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSARSENIC 0.0030000MG/L 0.0100000629208
10/18/200612/07/2006EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSNITRATE 0.8000000MG/L 10.00000006292-08
11/09/200512/15/2005EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSNITRATE 1.0000000MG/L 10.00000005314/13
11/16/200401/07/2005EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSARSENIC 0.0030000MG/L 0.01000004322/16
11/16/200401/07/2005EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSNITRATE 1.0000000MG/L 10.00000004322/16
12/02/200302/05/2004EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSARSENIC 0.0040000MG/L 0.01000003336/12
12/02/200302/05/2004EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSNITRATE 0.7000000MG/L 10.00000003336/12
12/02/2003EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSNITRATE-NITRITE 0.7000000MG/L 10.00000003336/12
12/02/200302/05/2004EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSSODIUM 49.4000000MG/L 03336/12
11/07/200206/06/2005EP-AEP FOR CREEK AND WELLSARSENIC 0.0030000MG/L 0.01000002311/10
07/12/202207/15/2022EP-BEP FOR MANHATTAN BEACH WELLNITRATE 0.5490000MG/L 10.0000002193008-01-I
01/28/202003/04/2020EP-BEP FOR MANHATTAN BEACH WELLBARIUM 0.0053000MG/L 2.000000002801102
01/28/202003/04/2020EP-BEP FOR MANHATTAN BEACH WELLNICKEL 0.0005000MG/L 0.100000002801102
01/28/202003/04/2020EP-BEP FOR MANHATTAN BEACH WELLNITRATE 0.5480000MG/L 10.000000002801102-I
01/28/2020EP-BEP FOR MANHATTAN BEACH WELLNITRATE-NITRITE 0.5480000MG/L 10.000000002801102-I
01/28/202003/04/2020EP-BEP FOR MANHATTAN BEACH WELLSODIUM 106.000000MG/L 002801102-I
04/03/201705/24/2017EP-BEP FOR MANHATTAN BEACH WELLARSENIC 0.0050000MG/L 0.010000709401701-I
04/03/201705/24/2017EP-BEP FOR MANHATTAN BEACH WELLBARIUM 0.0040700MG/L 2.000000709401701-I
04/03/201705/24/2017EP-BEP FOR MANHATTAN BEACH WELLFLUORIDE 0.1100000MG/L 4.000000709401701-I
04/03/201705/24/2017EP-BEP FOR MANHATTAN BEACH WELLNICKEL 0.0006500MG/L 0.100000709401701-I
04/03/2017EP-BEP FOR MANHATTAN BEACH WELLNITRATE-NITRITE 0.0163000MG/L 10.000000709401701-I
04/03/201705/24/2017EP-BEP FOR MANHATTAN BEACH WELLNITRITE 0.0163000MG/L 1.000000709401701-I
04/03/201705/24/2017EP-BEP FOR MANHATTAN BEACH WELLSODIUM 20.4000000MG/L 709401701-I
12/15/201401/15/2015EP-BEP FOR MANHATTAN BEACH WELLFLUORIDE 0.2500000MG/L 4.000000435000501-I
12/15/201401/15/2015EP-BEP FOR MANHATTAN BEACH WELLSODIUM 18.0000000MG/L 435000501-I
01/23/201302/04/2013EP-BEP FOR MANHATTAN BEACH WELLNITRATE 0.9000000MG/L 10.000000302301301-I
09/28/201111/21/2011EP-BEP FOR MANHATTAN BEACH WELLGROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U 1.1000000PCI/L 15.000000127200701-R
07/12/201109/12/2011EP-BEP FOR MANHATTAN BEACH WELLSODIUM 27.5000000MG/L 119301701-I
02/20/200803/27/2008EP-BEP FOR MANHATTAN BEACH WELLSODIUM 32.0000000MG/L 0805208-I
11/09/200512/15/2005EP-BEP FOR MANHATTAN BEACH WELLLEAD 0.0050000MG/L 0.01500005314/12I
11/09/200512/15/2005EP-BEP FOR MANHATTAN BEACH WELLSODIUM 43.7000000MG/L 05314/12I
10/17/200211/07/2002EP-BEP FOR MANHATTAN BEACH WELLNITRATE 0.9000000MG/L 10.000000337834
04/18/200206/06/2002EP-BEP FOR MANHATTAN BEACH WELLCOMBINED URANIUM 0.0000215MG/L 0.03000002108/35R
04/18/200206/06/2002EP-BEP FOR MANHATTAN BEACH WELLSODIUM 31.6000000MG/L 02108/35I
Archived Chemical Detections - PWS ID: 00708
Source ID Source Name Analyte
Results MCL
05/17/200106/04/2001AEP FOR WTPNitrate 0.600000010.0000
05/17/200007/10/2000AEP FOR WTPArsenic 0.0030000 0.0500
05/17/200007/10/2000AEP FOR WTPBromodichloromethane 0.0058000
05/17/200007/10/2000AEP FOR WTPBromoform 0.0006000
05/17/200007/10/2000AEP FOR WTPChloroform 0.0047000
05/17/200007/10/2000AEP FOR WTPCopper 0.0100000 1.3000
05/17/200007/10/2000AEP FOR WTPDibromochloromethane 0.0040000
05/17/200007/10/2000AEP FOR WTPNitrate 0.800000010.0000
05/17/200007/10/2000AEP FOR WTPSodium 25.6000000
05/08/200006/05/2000AEP FOR WTPAlkalinity, Total 36.0000000
04/18/200006/05/2000AEP FOR WTPAlkalinity, Total 57.0000000
04/03/200005/09/2000AEP FOR WTPAlkalinity, Total 34.0000000
12/07/199901/05/2000AEP FOR WTPArsenic 0.0040000 0.0500
12/07/199901/05/2000AEP FOR WTPBarium 0.0100000 2.0000
12/07/199901/05/2000AEP FOR WTPSodium 28.0000000
11/04/199912/07/1999AEP FOR WTPNitrate 0.600000010.0000
12/03/199802/05/1999AEP FOR WTPCopper 0.0100000 1.3000
12/03/199802/05/1999AEP FOR WTPGross Alpha, Excl. Radon & U 0.150000015.0000
12/03/199802/05/1999AEP FOR WTPNitrate 0.600000010.0000
12/03/199802/05/1999AEP FOR WTPSodium 36.0000000
12/03/199802/05/1999AEP FOR WTPSulfate 10.0000000
03/17/199705/13/1997AEP FOR WTPBromodichloromethane 0.0025000
03/17/199705/13/1997AEP FOR WTPChloroform 0.0033000
03/17/199705/13/1997AEP FOR WTPDibromochloromethane 0.0009000
03/17/199705/13/1997AEP FOR WTPFluoride 0.0400000 4.0000
03/17/199705/13/1997AEP FOR WTPGross Alpha, Excl. Radon & U 0.510000015.0000
03/17/199705/13/1997AEP FOR WTPNitrate 0.350000010.0000
03/17/199705/13/1997AEP FOR WTPSodium 7.7800000
03/17/199705/13/1997AEP FOR WTPSulfate 1.3000000
10/02/199602/18/1997AEP FOR WTPArsenic 0.0034000 0.0500
10/02/199602/18/1997AEP FOR WTPChromium 0.0090000 0.1000
10/02/199602/18/1997AEP FOR WTPFluoride 0.1000000 4.0000
10/02/199602/18/1997AEP FOR WTPNitrate 0.080000010.0000
10/02/199602/18/1997AEP FOR WTPSodium 42.3000000
10/02/199602/18/1997AEP FOR WTPSulfate 23.0000000
07/31/199610/03/1996AEP FOR WTPArsenic 0.0040000 0.0500
07/31/199610/03/1996AEP FOR WTPFluoride 0.1300000 4.0000
07/31/199610/03/1996AEP FOR WTPNitrate 1.290000010.0000
07/31/199610/03/1996AEP FOR WTPSodium 47.0000000
07/31/199610/03/1996AEP FOR WTPSulfate 8.5000000
07/03/199608/07/1996AEP FOR WTPNitrate 0.320000010.0000
04/02/199608/07/1996AEP FOR WTPNitrate 0.330000010.0000
01/02/199608/07/1996AEP FOR WTPNitrate 0.390000010.0000
01/02/199602/08/1996AEP FOR WTPNitrate 0.390000010.0000
10/03/199503/04/1996AEP FOR WTPNitrate 0.360000010.0000
12/16/199402/03/1995AEP FOR WTPGross Alpha, Excl. Radon & U 0.511000015.0000
04/13/199405/09/1994AEP FOR WTPNitrate 0.330000010.0000
10/05/199303/09/1994AEP FOR WTPNitrate 0.190000010.0000
04/13/199310/27/1993AEP FOR WTPBarium 0.0070000 2.0000
04/13/199310/27/1993AEP FOR WTPBromodichloromethane 0.0220000
04/13/199310/27/1993AEP FOR WTPBromoform 0.0024000
04/13/199310/27/1993AEP FOR WTPChloroform 0.0280000
04/13/199310/27/1993AEP FOR WTPDibromochloromethane 0.0110000
04/13/199310/27/1993AEP FOR WTPNitrate 0.160000010.0000
04/13/199310/27/1993AEP FOR WTPNitrate-Nitrite 0.160000010.0000
04/13/199310/27/1993AEP FOR WTPSodium 7.2000000
04/13/199310/27/1993AEP FOR WTPSulfate 2.5000000
01/07/199202/06/1992AEP FOR WTPNitrate 0.400000010.0000
10/16/199112/04/1991AEP FOR WTPArsenic 0.0070000 0.0500
10/16/199112/04/1991AEP FOR WTPFluoride 0.2300000 4.0000
10/16/199101/07/1992AEP FOR WTPGross Alpha, Excl. Radon & U 0.300000015.0000
10/16/199112/04/1991AEP FOR WTPNitrate 0.100000010.0000
10/16/199112/04/1991AEP FOR WTPSelenium 0.0030000 0.0500
10/16/199112/04/1991AEP FOR WTPSodium 33.0000000
10/01/199110/29/1991AEP FOR WTPTThm 0.0465000 0.1000
08/27/199109/16/1991AEP FOR WTPTThm 0.0569000 0.1000
01/03/199102/04/1991AEP FOR WTPBarium 0.0050000 2.0000
01/03/199102/04/1991AEP FOR WTPNitrate 3.400000010.0000

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