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Entry Point Chemical Detection Summary   PWS ID: 00712 ---- ROGUE RIVER, CITY OF
These entry point concentrations are greater than non-detect and do not necessarily exceed an action level, MCL, or other threshold.
Links to sample results for specific contaminants in the distribution system, can be found here.
Point ID
Analyte Result UOM MCL Sample ID
12/06/202212/12/2022EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNITRATE 1.0400000MG/L 10.00000022120267-01A-I
11/15/202111/29/2021EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNITRATE 0.7330000MG/L 10.0000002111067801A-I
06/17/202006/30/2020EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSARSENIC 0.0023100MG/L 0.0100002006082601-I
06/17/202007/10/2020EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSCOMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) 0.6800000PCI/L 5.0000002006083201A-R
06/17/202007/10/2020EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSCOMBINED URANIUM 0.0001550MG/L 0.0300002006083201B-R
06/17/202006/30/2020EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNITRATE 0.6780000MG/L 10.0000002006082601-I
11/22/201912/10/2019EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSARSENIC 0.0021200MG/L 0.0100001911100501-I
11/22/201912/10/2019EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSBARIUM 0.0038700MG/L 2.0000001911100501-I
11/22/201912/10/2019EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNITRATE 1.0300000MG/L 10.0000001911100501-I
11/22/2019EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNITRATE-NITRITE 1.0300000MG/L 10.0000001911100501-I
11/22/201912/10/2019EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSSODIUM 10.3000000MG/L 1911100501-I
07/09/201907/16/2019EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNITRATE 0.8520000MG/L 10.0000001907032401A-I
11/19/201811/26/2018EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNITRATE 1.1000000MG/L 10.000000181162001A-I
01/24/201701/27/2017EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNITRATE 1.0300000MG/L 10.000000170160601A-I
01/14/201601/28/2016EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSCOMBINED URANIUM 0.0001640MG/L 0.030000160141001D-R
01/14/201601/28/2016EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNITRATE 1.2100000MG/L 10.000000160141001C-I
02/19/201502/23/2015EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNITRATE 0.8920000MG/L 10.000000150271801A-I
03/12/201403/18/2014EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNITRATE 0.6330000MG/L 10.000000140336501A-I
02/13/201302/27/2013EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNITRATE 1.0300000MG/L 10.0000001302296-I
02/08/201202/15/2012EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSARSENIC 0.0024300MG/L 0.010000120222901A-I
02/08/201202/15/2012EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSBARIUM 0.0039100MG/L 2.000000120222901A-I
02/08/201203/15/2012EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSGROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U 1.4000000PCI/L 15.000000120223001A-R
02/08/201202/15/2012EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNITRATE 0.8810000MG/L 10.000000120222901A-I
02/08/2012EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNITRATE-NITRITE 0.8810000MG/L 10.000000120222901A-I
02/08/201202/15/2012EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSSODIUM 10.8000000MG/L 120222901A-I
01/12/201102/08/2011EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNITRATE 1.0100000MG/L 10.000000110121201A-I
01/25/201003/08/2010EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNITRATE 0.8730000MG/L 10.000000100146301C-I
03/16/200904/06/2009EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSARSENIC 0.0024600MG/L 0.010000090329801A-I
03/16/200904/06/2009EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNITRATE 0.9150000MG/L 10.000000090329801B-I
02/20/200803/07/2008EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNITRATE 0.9640000MG/L 10.000000080235501A
12/13/200701/03/2008EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNITRATE 0.9630000MG/L 10.0000000712311-01B
12/27/200601/03/2007EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSARSENIC 0.0022500MG/L 0.010000061257902A
12/27/200601/03/2007EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNITRATE 0.4290000MG/L 10.0000000612579-01A
12/09/200512/27/2005EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNITRATE 0.8340000MG/L 10.0000000512221-01A
12/17/200412/27/2004EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNITRATE 0.6240000MG/L 10.0000000412484-01A
11/03/200312/15/2003EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNICKEL 0.0450000MG/L 0.1000000311015I
11/03/200312/15/2003EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNITRATE 0.8590000MG/L 10.0000000311015I
11/03/200312/15/2003EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNITRATE-NITRITE 0.8590000MG/L 10.0000000311015I
11/03/200312/15/2003EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSSODIUM 10.0000000MG/L 0311015I
12/10/200212/23/2002EP-AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNITRATE 0.6730000MG/L 10.0000000212173
11/15/202111/29/2021EP-BEP FOR ROGUE RIVER WTPNITRATE 0.4040000MG/L 10.0000002111067802A-I
06/17/202006/30/2020EP-BEP FOR ROGUE RIVER WTPBARIUM 0.0060500MG/L 2.0000002006082301-I
06/17/202007/10/2020EP-BEP FOR ROGUE RIVER WTPCOMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) 0.1800000PCI/L 5.0000002006083101A-R
06/17/202007/10/2020EP-BEP FOR ROGUE RIVER WTPGROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U 2.1000000PCI/L 15.0000002006083101A-R
06/17/202006/30/2020EP-BEP FOR ROGUE RIVER WTPSODIUM 9.2700000MG/L 2006082301-I
07/09/201907/16/2019EP-BEP FOR ROGUE RIVER WTPNITRATE 0.2250000MG/L 10.0000001907032402A-I
07/18/201808/01/2018EP-BEP FOR ROGUE RIVER WTPNITRATE 0.2460000MG/L 10.000000180781901A-I
05/18/201505/27/2015EP-BEP FOR ROGUE RIVER WTPNITRATE 0.2230000MG/L 10.000000150558701A-I
05/08/201305/21/2013EP-BEP FOR ROGUE RIVER WTPNITRATE 0.2050000MG/L 10.000000130522101B-I
06/04/201206/13/2012EP-BEP FOR ROGUE RIVER WTPBARIUM 0.0058700MG/L 2.000000120607401A-I
06/04/201208/31/2012EP-BEP FOR ROGUE RIVER WTPCOMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) 1.0020000PCI/L 5.000000120608301A-R
06/04/201206/13/2012EP-BEP FOR ROGUE RIVER WTPSODIUM 6.5300000MG/L 120607401A-I
05/26/201006/07/2010EP-BEP FOR ROGUE RIVER WTPNITRATE 0.2810000MG/L 10.000000100565701A-I
08/26/200809/05/2008EP-BEP FOR ROGUE RIVER WTPNITRATE 0.2180000MG/L 10.000000080868401A-I
07/26/200709/10/2007EP-BEP FOR ROGUE RIVER WTPNITRATE 0.2350000MG/L 10.000000070757402A
12/27/200601/03/2007EP-BEP FOR ROGUE RIVER WTPARSENIC 0.0023000MG/L 0.010000061257701A
08/04/200309/17/2003EP-BEP FOR ROGUE RIVER WTPNICKEL 0.0440000MG/L 0.1000000308042I
08/04/200309/17/2003EP-BEP FOR ROGUE RIVER WTPSODIUM 9.0500000MG/L 0308042I
09/25/200210/11/2002EP-BEP FOR ROGUE RIVER WTPNICKEL 0.0936000MG/L 0.1000000209475I
09/25/200210/11/2002EP-BEP FOR ROGUE RIVER WTPSODIUM 8.5300000MG/L 0209475I
Archived Chemical Detections - PWS ID: 00712
Source ID Source Name Analyte
Results MCL
11/29/200112/17/2001AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNitrate 0.900000010.0000
02/02/200003/08/2000AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSChloroform 0.0007600
12/16/199901/01/2000AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSBarium 0.0077000 2.0000
12/16/199901/01/2000AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSConductivity @ 25 C U-MHO210.0000000
12/16/199901/01/2000AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNitrate 0.390000010.0000
12/16/199901/01/2000AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNitrate-Nitrite 0.390000010.0000
12/16/199901/01/2000AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSPh 7.8300000
12/16/199901/01/2000AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSSodium 24.8000000
12/16/199901/01/2000AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSSulfate 12.2000000
12/01/199912/13/1999AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSConductivity @ 25 C U-MHO275.0000000
12/01/199912/13/1999AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNitrate 0.770000010.0000
12/01/199912/13/1999AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSPh 7.2400000
11/05/199812/28/1998AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSConductivity @ 25 C U-MHO260.0000000
11/05/199812/28/1998AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNitrate 1.000000010.0000
11/05/199812/28/1998AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNitrate-Nitrite 1.000000010.0000
11/05/199812/28/1998AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSPh 6.9000000
11/05/199812/28/1998AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSSodium 10.0000000
11/05/199812/28/1998AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSSulfate 14.0000000
10/13/199810/26/1998AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSConductivity @ 25 C U-MHO260.0000000
10/13/199810/26/1998AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNitrate 0.780000010.0000
10/13/199810/26/1998AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSPh 7.0000000
05/14/199706/13/1997AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSConductivity @ 25 C U-MHO 87.0000000
05/14/199706/13/1997AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSPh 6.7500000
05/14/199706/13/1997AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSSodium 7.0000000
05/14/199706/13/1997AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSSulfate 12.0000000
04/30/199705/14/1997AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSConductivity @ 25 C U-MHO290.0000000
04/30/199706/09/1997AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSGross Alpha, Excl. Radon & U 2.420000015.0000
04/30/199706/09/1997AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSGross Alpha, Excl. Radon & U 0.930000015.0000
04/30/199706/09/1997AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSGross Alpha, Excl. Radon & U 1.640000015.0000
04/30/199706/09/1997AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSGross Alpha, Excl. Radon & U 1.040000015.0000
04/30/199706/09/1997AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSGross Alpha, Excl. Radon & U 2.230000015.0000
04/30/199705/14/1997AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNitrate 1.100000010.0000
04/30/199705/14/1997AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSPh 7.4000000
02/29/199603/13/1996AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSConductivity @ 25 C U-MHO120.0000000
02/29/199603/13/1996AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSPh 7.2300000
09/01/199303/21/1994AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSFluoride 0.1400000 4.0000
09/01/199303/21/1994AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSLead 0.0190000 0.0150
09/01/199303/21/1994AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNitrate 0.990000010.0000
09/01/199303/21/1994AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSNitrate-Nitrite 0.990000010.0000
09/01/199303/21/1994AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSSodium 8.8400000
09/01/199303/21/1994AEP FOR 2ND ST. WELLSSulfate 18.4000000
12/18/199102/05/1992AAWELL (2nd STREET 440)Nitrate 1.000000010.0000
12/18/199102/05/1992AAWELL (2nd STREET 440)Sodium 7.5700000
12/18/199102/05/1992ABWELL (2nd STREET 220)Nitrate 0.900000010.0000
12/18/199102/05/1992ABWELL (2nd STREET 220)Sodium 7.5700000
12/18/199102/06/1992ACWELL (2nd STREET DEE)Nitrate 0.900000010.0000
12/18/199102/06/1992ACWELL (2nd STREET DEE)Sodium 7.5300000
12/18/199102/05/1992ADWELL (BROOKSIDE)Fluoride 0.1000000 4.0000
12/18/199102/05/1992ADWELL (BROOKSIDE)Nitrate 1.500000010.0000
12/18/199102/05/1992ADWELL (BROOKSIDE)Sodium 11.8000000
12/18/199102/05/1992AEWELL (HANBURY)Nitrate 1.200000010.0000
12/18/199102/05/1992AEWELL (HANBURY)Sodium 8.7000000
09/20/200010/10/2000BROGUE RIVER WTPNitrate 0.350000010.0000
08/07/200009/25/2000BROGUE RIVER WTPBromodichloromethane 0.0006200
08/07/200009/25/2000BROGUE RIVER WTPChloroform 0.0027000
12/16/199901/05/2000BROGUE RIVER WTPArsenic 0.0034000 0.0500
12/16/199901/05/2000BROGUE RIVER WTPChromium 0.0006000 0.1000
12/16/199901/05/2000BROGUE RIVER WTPConductivity @ 25 C U-MHO260.0000000
12/16/199901/05/2000BROGUE RIVER WTPLead 0.0011000 0.0150
12/16/199901/05/2000BROGUE RIVER WTPNitrate 0.780000010.0000
12/16/199901/05/2000BROGUE RIVER WTPPh 7.2000000
12/16/199901/05/2000BROGUE RIVER WTPSodium 10.3000000
12/16/199901/05/2000BROGUE RIVER WTPSulfate 18.8000000
12/01/199912/13/1999BROGUE RIVER WTPConductivity @ 25 C U-MHO220.0000000
12/01/199912/13/1999BROGUE RIVER WTPNitrate 0.410000010.0000
12/01/199912/13/1999BROGUE RIVER WTPPh 7.8000000
12/07/199801/15/1999BROGUE RIVER WTPGross Alpha, Excl. Radon & U 2.010000015.0000
11/04/199812/28/1998BROGUE RIVER WTPBromodichloromethane 0.0018000
11/04/199812/28/1998BROGUE RIVER WTPChloroform 0.0200000
11/04/199812/28/1998BROGUE RIVER WTPConductivity @ 25 C U-MHO 80.0000000
11/04/199812/28/1998BROGUE RIVER WTPLead 0.0018000 0.0150
11/04/199812/28/1998BROGUE RIVER WTPNitrate-Nitrite 0.360000010.0000
11/04/199812/28/1998BROGUE RIVER WTPNitrite 0.3600000 1.0000
11/04/199812/28/1998BROGUE RIVER WTPPh 6.8000000
11/04/199812/28/1998BROGUE RIVER WTPSodium 7.0000000
11/04/199812/28/1998BROGUE RIVER WTPSulfate 8.6000000
10/13/199810/26/1998BROGUE RIVER WTPConductivity @ 25 C U-MHO100.0000000
10/13/199810/26/1998BROGUE RIVER WTPPh 6.7000000
06/18/199607/15/1996BROGUE RIVER WTPConductivity @ 25 C U-MHO 72.0000000
06/18/199607/15/1996BROGUE RIVER WTPFluoride 0.3300000 4.0000
06/18/199607/15/1996BROGUE RIVER WTPPh 7.3000000
06/18/199607/15/1996BROGUE RIVER WTPSodium 4.5000000
06/18/199607/15/1996BROGUE RIVER WTPSulfate 6.6000000
07/12/199508/15/1995BROGUE RIVER WTPConductivity @ 25 C U-MHO 70.0000000
07/12/199508/15/1995BROGUE RIVER WTPFluoride 0.1670000 4.0000
07/12/199508/15/1995BROGUE RIVER WTPPh 6.8000000
07/12/199508/15/1995BROGUE RIVER WTPSodium 3.8000000
04/20/199505/03/1995BROGUE RIVER WTPNitrate 0.480000010.0000
11/14/199412/05/1994BROGUE RIVER WTPNitrate 0.400000010.0000
06/17/199409/16/1994BROGUE RIVER WTPChloroform 0.0091000
06/17/199409/14/1994BROGUE RIVER WTPGross Alpha, Excl. Radon & U 1.210000015.0000
06/17/199409/16/1994BROGUE RIVER WTPSodium 4.9700000
06/17/199409/16/1994BROGUE RIVER WTPSulfate 5.5200000

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