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Entry Point Chemical Detection Summary   PWS ID: 00878 ---- TIGARD, CITY OF
These entry point concentrations are greater than non-detect and do not necessarily exceed an action level, MCL, or other threshold.
Links to sample results for specific contaminants in the distribution system, can be found here.
Point ID
Analyte Result UOM MCL Sample ID
04/11/202205/19/2022EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRATE 0.1670000MG/L 10.000000210100601-I
03/22/202106/28/2021EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRATE 1.6000000MG/L 10.000000108100701-I
09/30/202010/14/2020EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NICKEL 0.0004000MG/L 0.100000027401001-I
05/06/202008/31/2020EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1BARIUM 0.0216000MG/L 2.000000012701301
05/06/202008/31/2020EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1BERYLLIUM, TOTAL 0.0003000MG/L 0.004000012701301
05/06/202008/31/2020EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1BROMATE 0.0190000MG/L 0.010000012701302
05/06/202008/31/2020EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRATE 1.6800000MG/L 10.000000012701301-I
05/06/2020EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRATE-NITRITE 1.6800000MG/L 10.000000012701301-I
05/06/202008/31/2020EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1SODIUM 5.6000000MG/L 012701301-I
02/05/202002/21/2020EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRATE 2.1000000MG/L 10.000000003600401-I
05/06/201905/31/2019EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRATE 2.0500000MG/L 10.000000912601101-I
04/02/201804/26/2018EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRATE 2.4000000MG/L 10.000000809200701-I
06/27/201711/21/2017EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1BARIUM 0.0016400MG/L 2.000000717800301
06/27/201711/21/2017EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRATE 3.4000000MG/L 10.000000717800301-I
06/27/2017EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRATE-NITRITE 3.5000000MG/L 10.000000717800301-I
06/27/201711/21/2017EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRITE 0.1000000MG/L 1.000000717800301-I
06/27/201711/21/2017EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1SODIUM 5.2000000MG/L 717800301-I
05/04/201705/17/2017EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRATE 1.6300000MG/L 10.000000712400901-I
05/04/2017EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRATE-NITRITE 1.8000000MG/L 10.000000712400901-I
05/04/201705/17/2017EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRITE 0.1700000MG/L 1.000000712400901-I
05/21/201506/09/2015EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRATE 0.9000000MG/L 10.000000514100801-I
05/15/201406/23/2014EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRATE 1.1500000MG/L 10.000000413501701-I
05/15/2014EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRATE-NITRITE 1.1500000MG/L 10.000000413501701-I
05/06/201305/10/2013EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRATE 1.8000000MG/L 10.000000312601101-I
05/06/2013EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRATE-NITRITE 1.8000000MG/L 10.000000312601101-I
05/06/201305/10/2013EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRITE 0.0400000MG/L 1.000000312601101-I
08/08/201208/13/2013EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRATE 0.9000000MG/L 10.000000222100701
08/08/201208/13/2013EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1SODIUM 5.9000000MG/L 222100701
08/02/201208/08/2012EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRATE 2.7000000MG/L 10.000000221501001-I
05/11/201109/08/2011EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRATE 1.2000000MG/L 10.000000113100102-I
05/11/2011EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRATE-NITRITE 1.3000000MG/L 10.000000113100102-I
05/11/201109/08/2011EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRITE 0.1200000MG/L 1.000000113100102-I
06/09/2010EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRATE-NITRITE 0.0600000MG/L 10.0000001016047-I
06/09/201009/22/2010EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRITE 0.0600000MG/L 1.0000001016047-I
06/09/201009/22/2010EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1SODIUM 3.9000000MG/L 1016047-I
02/09/200901/06/2010EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRATE 1.5000000MG/L 10.000000461138N-I
05/06/200812/19/2008EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRATE 2.5000000MG/L 10.0000000812724-I
05/06/2008EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRATE-NITRITE 2.5000000MG/L 10.0000000812724-I
05/06/200812/19/2008EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1SODIUM 7.0000000MG/L 0812724-I
04/16/200701/07/2008EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1GROSS BETA PARTICLE ACTIVITY 2.4000000PCI/L 50.0000000710636
04/16/200701/07/2008EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRATE 0.8000000MG/L 10.0000000710636-I
04/16/200701/07/2008EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRATE-NITRITE 0.8000000MG/L 10.0000000710636-I
04/16/200701/07/2008EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1SODIUM 4.1000000MG/L 0710636-I
05/23/200506/15/2005EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRATE 0.6000000MG/L 10.00000005143/15
06/10/200401/25/2005EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRATE 1.2000000MG/L 10.000000369923-I
10/14/200302/12/2004EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1COMBINED URANIUM 0.0000150MG/L 0.03000003287/08R
07/07/200307/21/2003EP-CEP FOR ASR WELL 1NITRATE 0.8000000MG/L 10.00000003188/03
04/11/202205/19/2022EP-DEP FOR WELL #2NITRATE 0.1260000MG/L 10.000000210100603-I
02/03/202106/28/2021EP-DEP FOR WELL #2NITRATE 0.2650000MG/L 10.000000103401502-I
05/13/202008/31/2020EP-DEP FOR WELL #2BARIUM 0.0026500MG/L 2.000000013401203
05/13/202008/31/2020EP-DEP FOR WELL #2SODIUM 5.3000000MG/L 013401203-I
03/02/202003/09/2020EP-DEP FOR WELL #2NITRATE 0.1710000MG/L 10.000000006202002-I
05/05/201606/23/2016EP-DEP FOR WELL #2NITRATE 0.3770000MG/L 10.000000612601201-I
05/05/201606/23/2016EP-DEP FOR WELL #2NITRITE 0.0255000MG/L 1.00000061261201-I
05/21/201506/09/2015EP-DEP FOR WELL #2NITRATE 0.6000000MG/L 10.000000514100803-I
05/12/201406/23/2014EP-DEP FOR WELL #2NITRATE 0.1770000MG/L 10.000000413200601-I
05/12/2014EP-DEP FOR WELL #2NITRATE-NITRITE 0.0260000MG/L 10.000000413200601-I
05/12/201406/23/2014EP-DEP FOR WELL #2NITRITE 0.0256000MG/L 1.000000413200601-I
08/14/201309/03/2013EP-DEP FOR WELL #2NITRATE 1.0000000MG/L 10.000000322602101-I
08/14/2013EP-DEP FOR WELL #2NITRATE-NITRITE 1.0000000MG/L 10.000000322602101-I
08/14/201309/03/2013EP-DEP FOR WELL #2SODIUM 8.5000000MG/L 322602101-I
05/02/201305/10/2013EP-DEP FOR WELL #2NITRATE 0.5000000MG/L 10.000000312201201-I
05/05/201109/08/2011EP-DEP FOR WELL #2NITRATE 0.6000000MG/L 10.000000112501701-I
05/13/201009/22/2010EP-DEP FOR WELL #2NITRATE 0.5000000MG/L 10.0000001013306-I
05/13/2010EP-DEP FOR WELL #2NITRATE-NITRITE 0.5000000MG/L 10.0000001013306-I
05/12/200901/06/2010EP-DEP FOR WELL #2NITRATE 0.6000000MG/L 10.000000466160N-I
02/20/200812/19/2008EP-DEP FOR WELL #2NITRATE 0.6000000MG/L 10.0000000805103-I
02/20/2008EP-DEP FOR WELL #2NITRATE-NITRITE 0.6000000MG/L 10.0000000805103-I
02/20/200812/19/2008EP-DEP FOR WELL #2SODIUM 7.3000000MG/L 0805103-I
05/21/200701/07/2008EP-DEP FOR WELL #2NITRATE 0.5000000MG/L 10.0000000714111
05/09/200605/24/2006EP-DEP FOR WELL #2NITRATE 0.6000000MG/L 10.0000000612935
05/23/200506/15/2005EP-DEP FOR WELL #2NITRATE 0.6000000MG/L 10.00000005143/16
06/10/200401/25/2005EP-DEP FOR WELL #2NITRATE 1.5000000MG/L 10.000000369922-I
07/14/200302/12/2004EP-DEP FOR WELL #2COMBINED URANIUM 0.0001087MG/L 0.03000003195/25R
07/09/200307/21/2003EP-DEP FOR WELL #2NITRATE 0.7000000MG/L 10.00000003190/53
04/11/202205/19/2022EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRATE 0.1470000MG/L 10.000000210100602-I
02/03/202106/28/2021EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRATE 0.4090000MG/L 10.000000103401501-I
09/30/202010/14/2020EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NICKEL 0.0035000MG/L 0.100000027401002-I
05/06/202008/31/2020EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2BARIUM 0.0038900MG/L 2.000000012701601
05/06/202008/31/2020EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2BROMATE 0.0180000MG/L 0.010000012701602
05/06/202008/31/2020EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2CHROMIUM 0.0010000MG/L 0.100000012701601
05/06/202008/31/2020EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2FLUORIDE 0.1800000MG/L 4.000000012701601-I
05/06/202008/31/2020EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2GROSS ALPHA, EXCL. RADON & U 4.0000000PCI/L 15.000000012701603-R
05/06/202008/31/2020EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRATE 0.6040000MG/L 10.000000012701601-I
05/06/2020EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRATE-NITRITE 0.6040000MG/L 10.000000012701601-I
05/06/202008/31/2020EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2SODIUM 7.1000000MG/L 012701601-I
03/02/202003/09/2020EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRATE 0.3860000MG/L 10.000000006202001-I
05/13/201905/31/2019EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRATE 0.2820000MG/L 10.000000913301201-I
06/06/201807/18/2018EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRATE 0.4410000MG/L 10.000000815700801-I
06/06/2018EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRATE-NITRITE 0.4410000MG/L 10.000000815700801-I
06/27/201711/21/2017EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2BARIUM 0.0048200MG/L 2.000000717800401
06/27/201711/21/2017EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) 1.1100000PCI/L 5.000000717800401-R
06/27/201711/21/2017EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRATE 1.0000000MG/L 10.000000717800401-I
06/27/2017EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRATE-NITRITE 1.0000000MG/L 10.000000717800401-I
06/27/201711/21/2017EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRITE 0.0100000MG/L 1.000000717800401-I
06/27/201711/21/2017EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2SODIUM 7.0000000MG/L 717800401-I
05/04/201705/17/2017EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRATE 0.4820000MG/L 10.000000712400902-I
05/04/2017EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRATE-NITRITE 0.4820000MG/L 10.000000712400902-I
05/21/201506/09/2015EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRATE 0.8000000MG/L 10.000000514100802-I
06/04/201406/23/2014EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRATE 0.5530000MG/L 10.000000415502001-I
06/04/2014EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRATE-NITRITE 0.6290000MG/L 10.000000415502001-I
06/04/201406/23/2014EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRITE 0.0757000MG/L 1.000000415502001-I
05/06/201305/10/2013EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRATE 0.8000000MG/L 10.000000312601001-I
05/06/2013EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRATE-NITRITE 0.8000000MG/L 10.000000312601001-I
05/06/201305/10/2013EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRITE 0.0300000MG/L 1.000000312601001-I
10/16/201212/03/2012EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2DI(2-ETHYLHEXYL) PHTHALATE 0.0017000MG/L 0.006000229000601-S
05/22/201208/08/2012EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRATE 0.6000000MG/L 10.000000214300402-I
05/22/2012EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRATE-NITRITE 0.7000000MG/L 10.000000214300402-I
05/22/201208/08/2012EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRITE 0.0500000MG/L 1.000000214300402-I
05/22/201212/03/2012EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2SODIUM 3.6000000MG/L 214300401-I
05/24/201109/08/2011EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRATE 1.4000000MG/L 10.000000114400601-I
06/30/201009/22/2010EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRATE 1.6000000MG/L 10.0000001018106-I
06/30/2010EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRATE-NITRITE 1.6000000MG/L 10.0000001018106-I
06/30/201009/22/2010EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRITE 0.0300000MG/L 1.0000001018106-I
06/30/201009/22/2010EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2SODIUM 4.8000000MG/L 1018106-I
05/12/200901/06/2010EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRATE 0.6000000MG/L 10.000000466337N-I
05/07/200812/19/2008EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRATE 0.9000000MG/L 10.0000000812830-I
05/07/2008EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRATE-NITRITE 0.9000000MG/L 10.0000000812830-I
05/07/200812/19/2008EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRITE 0.0100000MG/L 1.0000000812830-I
05/07/200812/19/2008EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2SODIUM 4.4000000MG/L 0812830-I
05/30/200701/07/2008EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRATE 0.7000000MG/L 10.0000000715007-I
05/30/200701/07/2008EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRATE-NITRITE 0.7600000MG/L 10.0000000715007-I
05/30/200701/07/2008EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRITE 0.0600000MG/L 1.0000000715007-I
05/30/200701/07/2008EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2SODIUM 4.1000000MG/L 0715007-I
06/05/200608/01/2006EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2IRON 0.18000000615609-I
06/05/200608/02/2006EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2IRON 0.18000000615609
05/01/200612/07/2006EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2SODIUM 3.2000000MG/L 0612101
04/10/200612/07/2006EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2SODIUM 2.9000000MG/L 0610002
02/22/200612/07/2006EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 21,1-DICHLOROETHYLENE 0.0006000MG/L 0.0070000605401-V
02/22/200612/07/2006EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRATE 0.5000000MG/L 10.0000000605402
02/22/2006EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRATE-NITRITE 0.0100000MG/L 10.0000000605401-I
02/22/200612/07/2006EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRATE-NITRITE 0.5000000MG/L 10.0000000605402
02/22/200612/07/2006EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2NITRITE 0.0100000MG/L 1.0000000605401-I
02/22/200612/07/2006EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2SODIUM 3.4000000MG/L 0605401-I
02/22/200612/07/2006EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2SODIUM 17.6000000MG/L 0605402
02/22/200612/07/2006EP-HEP FOR ASR WELL 2XYLENES, TOTAL 0.0008000MG/L 10.0000000605401-V
Archived Chemical Detections - PWS ID: 00878
Source ID Source Name Analyte
Results MCL
12/04/199102/11/1992AEP FOR LAKE OSWEGO WTPTThm 0.0325000 0.1000
09/12/199110/19/1991AEP FOR LAKE OSWEGO WTPTThm 0.0090000 0.1000
06/06/199107/30/1991AEP FOR LAKE OSWEGO WTPTThm 0.0297000 0.1000
03/05/199104/10/1991AEP FOR LAKE OSWEGO WTPTThm 0.0312000 0.1000
09/04/200112/31/2001CEP FOR ASR WELL #1Copper 0.0050000 1.3000
09/04/200112/31/2001CEP FOR ASR WELL #1Nitrate 1.200000010.0000
09/04/200112/31/2001CEP FOR ASR WELL #1Sodium 9.1600000
08/26/199203/17/1993CEP FOR ASR WELL #1Fluoride 0.1600000 4.0000
08/26/199203/17/1993CEP FOR ASR WELL #1Nitrate 1.200000010.0000
08/26/199203/17/1993CEP FOR ASR WELL #1Nitrate-Nitrite 1.200000010.0000
08/26/199203/17/1993CEP FOR ASR WELL #1Selenium 0.0030000 0.0500
08/26/199203/17/1993CEP FOR ASR WELL #1Sodium 10.3000000
07/03/199107/31/1991CEP FOR ASR WELL #1TThm 0.0193000 0.1000
05/29/200106/07/2001CAWELL #1 (1-2%)Nitrate 0.600000010.0000
06/29/200007/07/2000CAWELL #1 (1-2%)Nitrate 1.300000010.0000
09/08/199912/17/1999CAWELL #1 (1-2%)Chloroform 0.0013000
09/08/199912/17/1999CAWELL #1 (1-2%)Copper 0.0050000 1.3000
09/08/199912/17/1999CAWELL #1 (1-2%)Nitrate 1.500000010.0000
09/08/199912/17/1999CAWELL #1 (1-2%)Sodium 9.1300000
07/01/199807/20/1998CAWELL #1 (1-2%)Nitrate 0.500000010.0000
06/05/199706/30/1997CAWELL #1 (1-2%)Nitrate 0.640000010.0000
02/12/199603/14/1996CAWELL #1 (1-2%)Nitrate 1.000000010.0000
02/12/199603/14/1996CAWELL #1 (1-2%)Nitrate-Nitrite 1.000000010.0000
02/12/199603/14/1996CAWELL #1 (1-2%)Sodium 8.7000000
10/11/199511/28/1995CAWELL #1 (1-2%)Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & U 0.077000015.0000
07/27/199511/28/1995CAWELL #1 (1-2%)Nitrate 2.000000010.0000
07/14/199408/30/1994CAWELL #1 (1-2%)Lead 0.0020000 0.0150
07/14/199408/30/1994CAWELL #1 (1-2%)Nitrate 1.600000010.0000
07/14/199408/30/1994CAWELL #1 (1-2%)Nitrate-Nitrite 1.600000010.0000
07/14/199408/30/1994CAWELL #1 (1-2%)Sodium 8.6000000
07/14/199310/21/1993CAWELL #1 - WELL #1 (1/2%)Fluoride 0.1700000 4.0000
07/14/199310/21/1993CAWELL #1 - WELL #1 (1/2%)Nitrate 1.000000010.0000
07/14/199310/21/1993CAWELL #1 - WELL #1 (1/2%)Nitrate-Nitrite 1.000000010.0000
07/14/199310/21/1993CAWELL #1 - WELL #1 (1/2%)Sodium 8.7000000
07/14/199310/21/1993CAWELL #1 - WELL #1 (1/2%)Sulfate 13.5000000
09/04/200112/31/2001DEP FOR WELL #2Copper 0.0180000 1.3000
09/04/200112/31/2001DEP FOR WELL #2Sodium 8.4400000
08/26/199203/17/1993DEP FOR WELL #2Fluoride 0.1100000 4.0000
08/26/199203/17/1993DEP FOR WELL #2Nitrate 0.390000010.0000
08/26/199203/17/1993DEP FOR WELL #2Nitrate-Nitrite 0.390000010.0000
08/26/199203/17/1993DEP FOR WELL #2Selenium 0.0020000 0.0500
08/26/199203/17/1993DEP FOR WELL #2Sodium 9.3300000
07/03/199107/31/1991DEP FOR WELL #2TThm 0.0010000 0.1000
06/29/200007/07/2000DAWELL #2 (1/2%)Nitrate 0.500000010.0000
09/08/199912/17/1999DAWELL #2 (1/2%)Copper 0.0150000 1.3000
09/08/199912/17/1999DAWELL #2 (1/2%)Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & U 1.120000015.0000
09/08/199912/17/1999DAWELL #2 (1/2%)Sodium 7.6000000
02/12/199603/14/1996DAWELL #2 (1/2%)Nitrate 0.250000010.0000
02/12/199603/14/1996DAWELL #2 (1/2%)Nitrate-Nitrite 0.250000010.0000
02/12/199603/14/1996DAWELL #2 (1/2%)Sodium 8.1000000
06/29/199511/27/1995DAWELL #2 (1/2%)Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & U 1.790000015.0000
06/26/199511/28/1995DAWELL #2 (1/2%)Nitrate 2.200000010.0000
06/30/199408/30/1994DAWELL #2 (1/2%)Bromodichloromethane 0.0015000
06/30/199408/30/1994DAWELL #2 (1/2%)Chloroform 0.0132000
06/30/199408/30/1994DAWELL #2 (1/2%)Nitrate 1.500000010.0000
06/30/199408/30/1994DAWELL #2 (1/2%)Nitrate-Nitrite 1.500000010.0000
06/30/199408/30/1994DAWELL #2 (1/2%)Sodium 5.8000000
07/14/199310/21/1993DAWELL #2 - WELL #2 (1/2%)Chloroform 0.0014000
07/14/199310/21/1993DAWELL #2 - WELL #2 (1/2%)Lead 0.0030000 0.0150
07/14/199310/21/1993DAWELL #2 - WELL #2 (1/2%)Sodium 7.8000000
07/14/199310/21/1993DAWELL #2 - WELL #2 (1/2%)Sulfate 14.2000000
09/09/199912/17/1999EAWELL #3Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & U 1.630000015.0000
07/10/199608/17/1996EAWELL #3Bromodichloromethane 0.0010000
07/10/199608/17/1996EAWELL #3Chloride 4.3000000
07/10/199608/17/1996EAWELL #3Chloroform 0.0190000
07/10/199608/17/1996EAWELL #3Copper 0.1500000 1.3000
07/10/199609/18/1996EAWELL #3Gross Alpha, Excl. Radon & U 0.300000015.0000
07/10/199608/17/1996EAWELL #3Hardness, Total (as CaC03) 34.0000000
07/10/199608/17/1996EAWELL #3Iron 0.1500000
07/10/199608/17/1996EAWELL #3Lead 0.0070000 0.0150
07/10/199608/17/1996EAWELL #3Manganese 0.2200000
07/10/199608/17/1996EAWELL #3Ph 6.5100000
07/10/199608/17/1996EAWELL #3Residue, Total-Fixed 88.0000000
07/10/199608/17/1996EAWELL #3Sodium 5.0000000
07/10/199608/17/1996EAWELL #3Zinc 0.0200000

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