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Entry Point Chemical Detection Summary   PWS ID: 00971 ---- CAVE JUNCTION, CITY OF
These entry point concentrations are greater than non-detect and do not necessarily exceed an action level, MCL, or other threshold.
Links to sample results for specific contaminants in the distribution system, can be found here.
Point ID
Analyte Result UOM MCL Sample ID
08/24/202109/10/2021EP-AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)NITRATE 3.0991379MG/L 10.00000022102880AA
08/01/201708/07/2017EP-AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)NITRATE 0.6193778MG/L 10.00000021702677AA
08/06/201509/01/2015EP-AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)NITRATE 0.0073000MG/L 10.00000021503048AC
08/08/201309/23/2013EP-AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)BARIUM 0.0089500MG/L 2.00000021303569-I
08/08/201309/23/2013EP-AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)NICKEL 0.0034800MG/L 0.10000021303569-I
08/08/201309/23/2013EP-AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)NITRATE 0.0630000MG/L 10.00000021303569-I
08/08/2013EP-AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)NITRATE-NITRITE 0.0630000MG/L 10.00000021303569-I
08/08/201309/23/2013EP-AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)SODIUM 7.3900000MG/L 21303569-I
07/10/201209/04/2012EP-AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)COMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) 4.6900000PCI/L 5.00000021202583-R
07/10/201208/01/2012EP-AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)NITRATE 0.7101730MG/L 10.00000021202583AE
06/21/201107/01/2011EP-AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)NITRATE 0.7865327MG/L 10.00000021102280AA
06/02/200807/10/2008EP-AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)NITRATE 1.0400000MG/L 10.00000020801709AC-I
05/09/200607/10/2006EP-AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)ARSENIC 0.0012000MG/L 0.010000A60510AS1
10/21/200305/18/2005EP-AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)COMBINED URANIUM 0.0001000MG/L 0.03000024259
06/11/200307/14/2003EP-AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)BARIUM 0.0097000MG/L 2.000000A30612AA-1I
06/11/200307/14/2003EP-AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)NICKEL 0.0026000MG/L 0.100000A30612AA-1I
06/11/200307/14/2003EP-AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)SODIUM 10.0000000MG/L A30612AA-1I
08/24/202110/05/2021EP-BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLBARIUM 0.0094030MG/L 2.00000022102879AE
08/24/202110/05/2021EP-BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLSODIUM 8.8641000MG/L 22102879AL
08/07/201808/30/2018EP-BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLNITRATE 0.9538296MG/L 10.00000021802814AA
08/01/201708/07/2017EP-BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLNITRATE 1.2746068MG/L 10.00000021702678AA
08/04/201509/01/2015EP-BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLNITRATE 0.8316000MG/L 10.00000021503030AA
08/12/201409/09/2014EP-BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLNITRATE 1.0676631MG/L 10.00000021403082AA
08/08/201309/23/2013EP-BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLNITRATE 0.9488894MG/L 10.00000021303570AB
07/10/201209/04/2012EP-BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLARSENIC 0.0011300MG/L 0.01000021202585-I
07/10/201209/04/2012EP-BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLBARIUM 0.0170000MG/L 2.00000021202585-I
07/10/201209/04/2012EP-BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLNITRATE 0.8060000MG/L 10.00000021202585-I
07/10/2012EP-BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLNITRATE-NITRITE 0.8060000MG/L 10.00000021202585-I
07/10/201209/04/2012EP-BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLSODIUM 6.6400000MG/L 21202585-I
06/21/201107/01/2011EP-BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLNITRATE 0.9970671MG/L 10.00000021102281AA
06/09/200908/06/2009EP-BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLARSENIC 0.0010000MG/L 0.010000906101701-I
06/09/200908/06/2009EP-BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLNITRATE 0.6400000MG/L 10.000000906101701-I
06/09/200908/06/2009EP-BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLNITRITE 0.0200000MG/L 1.000000906101701
06/02/200807/10/2008EP-BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLNITRATE 1.4200000MG/L 10.00000020801709AB-I
05/09/200607/10/2006EP-BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLNITRATE 0.8000000MG/L 10.000000A60510AQ1
06/07/200507/07/2005EP-BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLNITRATE 1.1700000MG/L 10.000000252352-I
06/08/200405/18/2005EP-BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLNITRATE 1.0300000MG/L 10.000000242280-I
10/21/200305/18/2005EP-BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLCOMBINED URANIUM 0.0001100MG/L 0.03000024259
06/11/200307/14/2003EP-BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLARSENIC 0.0011000MG/L 0.010000A30612AB-1I
06/11/200307/14/2003EP-BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLBARIUM 0.0160000MG/L 2.000000A30612AB-1I
06/11/200307/14/2003EP-BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLCHROMIUM 0.0040000MG/L 0.100000A30612AB-1I
06/11/200307/14/2003EP-BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLNITRATE 0.7000000MG/L 10.000000A30612AB-1I
06/11/2003EP-BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLNITRATE-NITRITE 0.7000000MG/L 10.000000A30612AB-1I
06/11/200307/14/2003EP-BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLSODIUM 6.0000000MG/L A30612AB-1I
03/19/200203/04/2003EP-BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLNITRATE 1.0400000MG/L 10.000000220960
Archived Chemical Detections - PWS ID: 00971
Source ID Source Name Analyte
Results MCL
12/21/200002/27/2001AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Arsenic 0.0013000 0.0500
12/21/200002/27/2001AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Barium 0.0170000 2.0000
12/21/200002/27/2001AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Barium 0.0150000 2.0000
12/21/200002/27/2001AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Bromodichloromethane 0.0022000
12/21/200002/27/2001AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Bromodichloromethane 0.0017000
12/21/200002/27/2001AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Chloroform 0.0130000
12/21/200002/27/2001AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Chloroform 0.0120000
12/21/200002/27/2001AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Nickel 0.0039000 0.1000
12/21/200002/27/2001AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Sodium 8.0000000
12/21/200002/27/2001AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Sodium 8.0000000
12/21/200002/27/2001AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Sulfate 18.0000000
08/22/200009/25/2000AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Bromodichloromethane 0.0035000
08/22/200009/25/2000AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Chloroform 0.0110000
08/22/200009/25/2000AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Dibromochloromethane 0.0007000
08/22/200009/25/2000AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Total Xylenes 0.003000010.0000
12/09/199901/26/2000AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Barium 0.0050000 2.0000
12/09/199901/26/2000AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Bromodichloromethane 0.0020000
12/09/199901/26/2000AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Chloroform 0.0190000
12/09/199901/26/2000AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Chromium 0.0022000 0.1000
12/09/199901/26/2000AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Nickel 0.0120000 0.1000
12/09/199901/26/2000AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Nitrate 0.140000010.0000
12/09/199901/26/2000AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Sodium 6.6000000
12/09/199901/26/2000AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Sulfate 18.0000000
12/09/199901/26/2000AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Total Xylenes 0.001500010.0000
09/15/199910/21/1999AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Bromodichloromethane 0.0028000
09/15/199910/21/1999AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Bromodichloromethane 0.0030000
09/15/199910/21/1999AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Chloroform 0.0120000
09/15/199910/21/1999AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Chloroform 0.0130000
09/29/199810/19/1998AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Nitrate 0.540000010.0000
09/29/199810/19/1998AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Nitrate 0.620000010.0000
07/25/199609/23/1996AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Barium 0.0090000 2.0000
07/25/199609/23/1996AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Bromodichloromethane 0.0029000
07/25/199609/23/1996AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Chloroform 0.9250000
07/25/199609/23/1996AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Nitrate 0.020000010.0000
07/25/199609/23/1996AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Sodium 2.9000000
07/25/199609/23/1996AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Sulfate 1.7000000
08/15/199510/05/1995AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Nitrate 0.560000010.0000
08/10/199307/05/1994AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Barium 0.0090000 2.0000
08/10/199307/05/1994AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Fluoride 0.4000000 4.0000
08/10/199307/05/1994AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Sodium 3.1000000
08/10/199307/05/1994AEP FOR ILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Sulfate 1.6000000
01/14/199202/11/1992AILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Barium 0.0060000 2.0000
01/14/199202/11/1992AILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Nitrate 0.200000010.0000
01/15/199102/15/1991AILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Fluoride 0.1000000 4.0000
01/15/199102/15/1991AILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Lead 0.0040000 0.0150
01/15/199102/15/1991AILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Nitrate 0.600000010.0000
01/15/199102/15/1991AILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Ph 7.3000000
01/15/199102/15/1991AILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) 69.0000000
02/08/200103/28/2001AAILLINOIS RIVER (EAST FORK)Nitrate 0.960000010.0000
12/08/199901/26/2000BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLArsenic 0.0012000 0.0500
12/08/199901/26/2000BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLBarium 0.0160000 2.0000
12/08/199901/26/2000BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLBromodichloromethane 0.0013000
12/08/199901/26/2000BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLChloroform 0.0054000
12/08/199901/26/2000BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLChromium 0.0041000 0.1000
12/08/199901/26/2000BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLEthylbenzene 0.0011000 0.7000
12/08/199901/26/2000BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLNitrate 0.610000010.0000
12/08/199901/26/2000BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLSelenium 0.0005000 0.0500
12/08/199901/26/2000BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLSodium 5.8000000
12/08/199901/26/2000BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLSulfate 2.2000000
12/08/199901/26/2000BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLTotal Xylenes 0.006400010.0000
07/25/199609/23/1996BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLBarium 0.0150000 2.0000
07/25/199609/23/1996BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLChromium 0.0020000 0.1000
07/25/199609/23/1996BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLNitrate 0.590000010.0000
07/25/199609/23/1996BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLSodium 6.4000000
07/25/199609/23/1996BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLSulfate 2.3000000
08/09/199509/26/1995BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLNitrate 0.570000010.0000
08/19/199110/08/1991BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLFluoride 0.1000000 4.0000
08/19/199110/08/1991BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLNitrate 0.600000010.0000
08/19/199110/08/1991BEP FOR DAISY HILL WELLSodium 5.1600000
02/08/200103/28/2001BADAISY HILL WELLNitrate 1.440000010.0000
04/15/199811/13/1998BADAISY HILL WELLNitrate 1.060000010.0000
09/14/199307/05/1994BADAISY HILL WELLNitrate 0.700000010.0000
09/14/199307/05/1994BADAISY HILL WELLNitrate-Nitrite 0.700000010.0000
08/10/199307/05/1994BADAISY HILL WELLBarium 0.0140000 2.0000
08/10/199307/05/1994BADAISY HILL WELLChromium 0.0010000 0.1000
08/10/199307/05/1994BADAISY HILL WELLSodium 6.2000000
08/10/199307/05/1994BADAISY HILL WELLSulfate 2.1000000

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