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Entry Point Chemical Detection Summary   PWS ID: 01200 ---- CHATEAU MOBILE HOME PARK
These entry point concentrations are greater than non-detect and do not necessarily exceed an action level, MCL, or other threshold.
Links to sample results for specific contaminants in the distribution system, can be found here.
Point ID
Analyte Result UOM MCL Sample ID
01/10/202301/12/2023EP-AEP FOR WELL ANITRATE 0.0900000MG/L 10.00000023-01524-I
04/18/202206/15/2022EP-AEP FOR WELL AARSENIC 0.0067000MG/L 0.0100002225348-I
09/03/201909/18/2019EP-AEP FOR WELL AARSENIC 0.0060000MG/L 0.0100001964966-I
09/03/201909/18/2019EP-AEP FOR WELL ABARIUM 0.0080000MG/L 2.0000001964966-I
09/03/201909/18/2019EP-AEP FOR WELL AFLUORIDE 0.1700000MG/L 4.0000001964966-I
09/03/2019EP-AEP FOR WELL ANITRATE-NITRITE 0.0100000MG/L 10.0000001964966
09/03/201909/18/2019EP-AEP FOR WELL ANITRITE 0.0100000MG/L 1.0000001964966
09/03/201909/18/2019EP-AEP FOR WELL ASODIUM 7.7600000MG/L 1964966-I
08/20/201809/04/2018EP-AEP FOR WELL ANITRATE 0.1900000MG/L 10.0000001862468-I
12/04/201712/18/2017EP-AEP FOR WELL AARSENIC 0.0070000MG/L 0.0100001775775
10/24/201612/09/2016EP-AEP FOR WELL AARSENIC 0.0080000MG/L 0.01000020161024037-I
12/03/201312/11/2013EP-AEP FOR WELL ANITRATE 0.3070000MG/L 10.00000020131203052-I
04/18/201205/24/2012EP-AEP FOR WELL ACOMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) 0.0800000PCI/L 5.00000025767-R
06/13/201107/01/2011EP-AEP FOR WELL AARSENIC 0.0089000MG/L 0.01000020110613037-I
03/25/201103/30/2011EP-AEP FOR WELL ANITRATE 0.3200000MG/L 10.00000020110325033-I
01/13/201102/23/2011EP-AEP FOR WELL ACOMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) 1.7000000PCI/L 5.00000022587-R
07/08/200908/05/2009EP-AEP FOR WELL AARSENIC 0.0096000MG/L 0.01000050805-I
07/07/200907/22/2009EP-AEP FOR WELL ANITRATE 0.6000000MG/L 10.00000020090707069-I
06/01/200507/27/2005EP-AEP FOR WELL AARSENIC 0.0089000MG/L 0.01000020050601-042I
06/01/200507/27/2005EP-AEP FOR WELL ASODIUM 8.2000000MG/L 20050601-042I
01/10/202301/12/2023EP-BEP FOR WELL BNITRATE 0.0100000MG/L 10.00000023-01525-I
04/18/202206/15/2022EP-BEP FOR WELL BARSENIC 0.0064000MG/L 0.0100002225349-I
01/20/202001/24/2020EP-BEP FOR WELL BNITRATE 0.0600000MG/L 10.0000002004070-I
09/03/201909/18/2019EP-BEP FOR WELL BARSENIC 0.0060000MG/L 0.0100001964974-I
09/03/201909/18/2019EP-BEP FOR WELL BBARIUM 0.0080000MG/L 2.0000001964974-I
09/03/201909/18/2019EP-BEP FOR WELL BFLUORIDE 0.1800000MG/L 4.0000001964974-I
09/03/201909/18/2019EP-BEP FOR WELL BSODIUM 7.7100000MG/L 1964974-I
08/20/201809/04/2018EP-BEP FOR WELL BNITRATE 0.1900000MG/L 10.0000001862469-I
12/04/201712/18/2017EP-BEP FOR WELL BARSENIC 0.0060000MG/L 0.0100001775776
10/24/201612/09/2016EP-BEP FOR WELL BARSENIC 0.0084000MG/L 0.01000020161024040-I
12/03/201312/11/2013EP-BEP FOR WELL BARSENIC 0.0067000MG/L 0.01000020131203049-I
12/03/201312/11/2013EP-BEP FOR WELL BNITRATE 0.2970000MG/L 10.00000020131203049-I
04/18/201205/24/2012EP-BEP FOR WELL BCOMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) 0.9800000PCI/L 5.00000025768-R
04/14/201106/06/2011EP-BEP FOR WELL BCOMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) 1.0000000PCI/L 5.000000110452502C-R
03/25/201103/30/2011EP-BEP FOR WELL BNITRATE 0.3000000MG/L 10.00000020110325034-I
07/08/200908/05/2009EP-BEP FOR WELL BARSENIC 0.0064000MG/L 0.01000050808-I
06/01/200507/27/2005EP-BEP FOR WELL BARSENIC 0.0090000MG/L 0.01000020050601-045I
06/01/200507/27/2005EP-BEP FOR WELL BSODIUM 8.3000000MG/L 20050601-045I
04/18/202206/15/2022EP-CEP FOR WELL CARSENIC 0.0068000MG/L 0.0100002225350-I
04/18/202206/15/2022EP-CEP FOR WELL CNITRATE 0.0300000MG/L 10.0000002225350
03/02/202103/04/2021EP-CEP FOR WELL CNITRATE 0.0200000MG/L 10.0000002113960-I
09/03/201909/18/2019EP-CEP FOR WELL CARSENIC 0.0050000MG/L 0.0100001965004-I
09/03/201909/18/2019EP-CEP FOR WELL CBARIUM 0.0060000MG/L 2.0000001965004-I
09/03/201909/18/2019EP-CEP FOR WELL CFLUORIDE 0.2200000MG/L 4.0000001965004-I
09/03/201909/18/2019EP-CEP FOR WELL CSODIUM 12.8000000MG/L 1965004-I
12/04/201712/18/2017EP-CEP FOR WELL CARSENIC 0.0070000MG/L 0.0100001775777
12/04/201712/18/2017EP-CEP FOR WELL CNITRATE 0.0300000MG/L 10.0000001775777-I
10/24/201612/09/2016EP-CEP FOR WELL CARSENIC 0.0072000MG/L 0.01000020161024043-I
10/24/201612/09/2016EP-CEP FOR WELL CNITRATE 0.5670000MG/L 10.00000020161024043-I
12/03/201312/23/2013EP-CEP FOR WELL CARSENIC 0.0064000MG/L 0.01000020131203055-I
12/03/201312/23/2013EP-CEP FOR WELL CNITRATE 0.2420000MG/L 10.00000020131203055-I
04/18/201205/24/2012EP-CEP FOR WELL CCOMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) 0.9100000PCI/L 5.00000025769-R
09/19/201111/08/2011EP-CEP FOR WELL CCOMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) 1.5000000PCI/L 5.000000110966701A-R
03/25/201103/30/2011EP-CEP FOR WELL CNITRATE 0.4200000MG/L 10.00000020110325035-I
01/13/201102/23/2011EP-CEP FOR WELL CCOMBINED RADIUM (-226 & -228) 1.9000000PCI/L 5.000000110136201A-R
07/08/200908/05/2009EP-CEP FOR WELL CARSENIC 0.0064000MG/L 0.01000050811-I
08/21/200808/28/2008EP-CEP FOR WELL CNITRATE 0.3000000MG/L 10.00000020080821028-I
06/01/200507/27/2005EP-CEP FOR WELL CARSENIC 0.0088000MG/L 0.01000020050601-048I
06/01/200507/27/2005EP-CEP FOR WELL CSODIUM 8.3000000MG/L 20050601-048I
Archived Chemical Detections - PWS ID: 01200
Source ID Source Name Analyte
Results MCL
09/28/199301/31/1994ASTANDARD ENTRY POINTSodium 9.5000000
09/28/199301/31/1994ASTANDARD ENTRY POINTSulfate 1.5000000
01/07/199101/23/1991AMAIN WELLBarium 0.0060000 2.0000
01/07/199101/23/1991AMAIN WELLFluoride 0.2000000 4.0000
12/16/199703/02/1998AAMAIN WELLSodium 9.6000000
01/07/199101/23/1991BOLD WELLFluoride 0.2000000 4.0000
01/07/199101/23/1991BOLD WELLNitrate 4.900000010.0000
12/16/199703/02/1998BAOLD WELLSodium 3.2000000
01/07/199101/23/1991CNEW WELLArsenic 0.0060000 0.0500
01/07/199101/23/1991CNEW WELLBarium 0.0120000 2.0000
01/07/199101/23/1991CNEW WELLChromium 0.0010000 0.1000
01/07/199101/23/1991CNEW WELLFluoride 0.0010000 4.0000
01/07/199101/23/1991CNEW WELLLead 0.0010000 0.0150
01/07/199101/23/1991CNEW WELLNitrate 1.600000010.0000
11/10/199801/05/1999CANEW WELLNitrate 0.800000010.0000
12/16/199703/02/1998CANEW WELLSodium 9.6000000

Health effects informational fact sheets are available for most chemicals here.

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