OHA Drinking Water Services

OHA Drinking Water Services
Water Advisory Details

PWS ID: OR41 01139
Advisory Type: Boil Water
Reason: Loss of Pressure
Area Affected: System-wide
Affected Populations: All
Begin Date: May 11, 2020
Date Lifted: Jun 08, 2020
Who Was Contacted: Dave Burch
Contact Phone: 503-858-0259
Details: A backwash pump failed. A required part (seal) is en route, and should arrive today (Tuesday, 5.12.20). There is difficulty in communicating to residents and renters. Resident phone numbers are texted/called - but the reverse-911 system has holes in it. Pete suggested posting the sandwich signs on the three roads in out of town to assure everyone can be notified. Volunteer President Dave and Gary - temporary operator - were given best management practices and the process for lifting the boil once they regain the ability to make water tonight. Secondarily, a new operator certified at WT-2 is needed immediately. NEXT STEPS * fix pump today * flush distribution system once enough water is produced * take and submit coliform samples to lab, asap after flushing * continue communicating clearly with all residents * build enough resiliency at the treatment plant to prevent this from happening again, and * improve communication procedures, because boil orders are common due to an aging and leaking distribution system.

Update 05/13/2020:  Midland started making water again after fixing the backwash pump. The system is now pressurized. Dave will be contacting the Lab to determine how to submit coliform samples in order to ideally receive results before the weekend. Due to time constraints samples wont be taken until Thursday morning, however. Dave will also do some end-of-line flushing before coliform sampling. But due to leaks and pent-up demand for water, the system is auto-flushing to a large degree. Lastly, a new backwash pump will arrive Friday to replace the repaired, weakened current backwash pump that failed last week. NEXT STEPS * Coordinate with lab * Flush * Sample * Communicate to residents predicted date of Lifting the Boil Order

Update 05/21/2020:  ~~~BOIL ORDER STILL IN EFFECT~~~ Since Friday, a motor burnt out, then the creek intake had a landslide on Saturday, and theyve been digging out of this new round of setbacks since then. They replaced the pump motor, dug out the intake, flushed out the raw water tank, and now they are trying to draw more water from the springs rather than the creek to reduce the high raw turbidity they continue to experience. They currently have a raw turbidity of 5+ NTU, and Finished turbidity of ~0.7 NTU. (Additionally, they are still working on getting a new DRC operator and other organizational help.) It is "lucky" from a public health perspective that no residents were exposed to high turbidity water since they were already boiling water.

Update 06/03/2020:  Coliform samples were sent to lab. ( meeting with potential DRC/troubleshooting consultant tomorrow)

Lifted 06/08/2020:  Results are all negative. Dave is putting together a notice to distribute to community. (In total, DWS received at least 4 residential complaints that they were never notified there was even a boil notice. Sandwich signs at the 2-3 roads into town need to be used next time (as directed this time).)

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