OHA Drinking Water Services

OHA Drinking Water Services
Water Advisory Details

PWS ID: OR41 01139
Advisory Type: Boil Water
Reason: E. coli, Unconfirmed (Voluntary)
Area Affected: System-wide
Affected Populations: All
Begin Date: Dec 09, 2020
Date Lifted: Jan 19, 2021
Who Was Contacted: Dave Burch
Contact Phone: 503-858-0259
Details: A pipe broke disabling the chlorination of the reservoir. Under-disinfected water probably began entering the distribution system Sunday or Monday. E. coli-positive sample was from early Monday morning. (Broken pipe found Tuesday night.) A boil notice went out Tuesday (yesterday) Wednesday, using the d emergency phone list, plus hand delivery to locations. Pipe was temporarily fixed and the reservoir chlorine levels are rising, and almost meeting CT now. Permanent pipe fix is scheduled, too. Currently flushing at end of line today (Wednesday). Three Repeat coliform samples will be taken Thursday (tomorrow) to assure clean water throughout the system.

Update 01/19/2021:  Advisory should lift soon. Reports this weekend indicate excellent water is being produced, now that the valving has been fixed. Coliform tests taken last week (1.13.21) have not come to this office as positives. So were just waiting for the confirmed negatives...

Lifted 01/19/2021:  Confirmed all 3 coliform samples came back negative.

Update 12/24/2020:  Still boiling. Now for different issues. Never stopped boiling. Two more issues arose in succession as Midland attempted to Lift the boil: * Atmospheric River silted in the intakes and even the Raw reservoir. * Backwash spray bar ( WTP compressor) broke Dave Burch has been working furiously with a series of problems, events and setbacks. The good news is that work is getting done, parts delivered, expertise is being lent eventually contracted (and the long-term prospects are also improving with the hope of a new (2005) WTP installation in the spring). Lastly, while communication appears to be good with customers, with informal notices, and phone calls to customers, a proper Boil Notice Advisory will be distributed, too.

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