Data Online - Oregon Drinking Water Services
Running Annual Averages - PWS ID: 93755 = NORTH MARION SD #15
Results shown are only for quarterly or monthly monitoring schedules.
Averages are subject to change as new data is taken into consideration.
Location Sample
MCL = 0.010
07/01/202009/30/20203Q2020 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.004
04/01/202006/30/20202Q2020 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.006
01/01/202003/31/20201Q2020 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.007
10/01/201912/31/20194Q2019 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.008
07/01/201909/30/20193Q2019 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.008
04/01/201906/30/20192Q2019 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.004
01/01/201903/31/20191Q2019 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.004
10/01/201812/31/20184Q2018 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.002
07/01/201809/30/20183Q2018 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.008
04/01/201806/30/20182Q2018 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.005
01/01/201803/31/20181Q2018 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.004
10/01/201712/31/20174Q2017 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.006
10/01/201212/31/20124Q2012 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.006
07/01/201209/30/20123Q2012 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.008
04/01/201206/30/20122Q2012 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.010
01/01/201203/31/20121Q2012 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.009
10/01/201112/31/20114Q2011 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.009
07/01/201109/30/20113Q2011 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.007
04/01/201106/30/20112Q2011 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.006
01/01/201103/31/20111Q2011 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.008
10/01/201012/31/20104Q2010 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.008
07/01/201009/30/20103Q2010 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.009
04/01/201006/30/20102Q2010 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.009
01/01/201003/31/20101Q2010 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.009
10/01/200912/31/20094Q2009 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.010
07/01/200909/30/20093Q2009 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.013
04/01/200906/30/20092Q2009 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.014
01/01/200903/31/20091Q2009 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.012
10/01/200812/31/20084Q2008 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.012
07/01/200809/30/20083Q2008 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.013
04/01/200806/30/20082Q2008 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.016
01/01/200803/31/20081Q2008 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.019
10/01/200712/31/20074Q2007 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.019
07/01/200709/30/20073Q2007 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.014
04/01/200706/30/20072Q2007 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.009
01/01/200703/31/20071Q2007 EP FOR WELLSEP-A0.005

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