OHA Drinking Water Services
OHA Drinking Water Services
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PWS ID: OR41 01002
Who Was Contacted: Brandi Prunty
Contact Phone: 541-342-1718
Contact Date: 10/15/2020
Contact Method/Location: Phone
Reasons: Other
Details: Called Brandy Prunty on 10/15/2020 to discuss options for this system, as it has been determined that the old well needs to be abandoned, the boil water notice needs to be updated, and the operator has not started to install treatment for 4-log disinfection.

Got a call back from Dan at Oregon Drinking Water Services with questions about the steps they need to take. I referred to the source evaluation from 6/18 and encouraged him to review it. I informed him that the well needs to be formally abandoned, 4-log disinfection needs to be installed, and the boil water notice needs to be updated prior to the instillation of the 4-log disinfection equipment.

Called Dan on 10/20/2020 and informed him that the old well (Well 1) does not meet standards and is located within the sanitary setback approximately 50 feet from well 3 if memory serves. Since that is a significant deficiency the water system is required to correct all significant deficiencies as per 333-061-0032 5 e. OHA would have WRD require abandonment as per the MOA. At that point the water system could potentially restart the assessment monitoring since they eliminated the source of contamination or in this case the conduit (well 1-Lane 7760). This would be analogous to them finding a “temporary source of contamination” removing it, and then restarting the monitoring as other systems have done.

It may or may not definitively solve their issue, but they would have the option of restarting the monthly source monitoring once the improperly constructed well in the setback is formally abandoned. If the water system installs 4 log chlorination prior to abandonment they still would be required to abandon the old well. 4 log may eventually become their final corrective action but, OHA has always required potential contamination sources to be addressed prior to adding treatment.

They could do both, eliminate the source and add 4 log with compliance monitoring in lieu of the assessment monitoring.

Associated Alerts: COLI19935 - 06/17/2020 - COLIFORM, E. COLI , COLIFORM, TOTAL (TCR)   See also: 06/17/2020

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