OHA Drinking Water Services
OHA Drinking Water Services
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PWS ID: OR41 01246
Who Was Contacted: Bill Palmaymesa
Contact Phone: 541-489-3100 ext 1112 (Email address hidden)
Contact Date: 04/21/2021
Contacted By: BYRD, MICHELLE P (DWP)
Contact Method/Location: Email
Assistance Type: OTHER REGULATORY - Unable to perform membrane DIT
Reasons: Operations
Details: I spoke to Bill on Monday, April 19th. He informed me as of April 10th he has been unable to perform direct integrity tests on both of the membrane filtration units. I informed him that not being able to perform the DIT at least daily is a violation of the rule OAR 333-061-0036(6)(B)(vi). The membrane filters are operating, but the minimum DIT test pressure cannot be met. The sight glass on the modules is being observed for air bubbles which can help indicate fiber breakage. Finished water turbidity requirements are still being met.

He suspects a leak in the air line or issue with valves closing to maintain air pressure during testing. The issue is with both units and may be associated with the automated process. He is in contact with WesTech the membrane filter manufacturer on how to correct the issue. I suggested to evaluate if the DIT can be performed manually to assure the minimum test pressure is met since the DIT verifies the membrane filters' ability to remove pathogens.

Bill emailed me today. An engineer from WesTech is scheduled for a site visit on Wednesday, April 28 to troubleshoot issue. He fixed multiple air leaks in both banks but still not meeting allowed PDT 0.1 psi/min. He said at no time during the 3 minute tests are air bubbles exiting the membranes which leads him and WesTech to believe the membrane fibers are not compromised. He will follow up with me next week with an update.

On Monday May 3rd, I received a call from Bill about visit from WesTech. Bank2 is still offline. The RGK valve's internal mechanism broke and solenoids became waterlogged. Bank 1 is online and passed (PDT 0.08 psi/min). Also, existing modules are at end of useful life. Not failing, but eminent failure soon because membrane thins over time causing air to disperse through membrane fibers. Bill has ordered 8 new modules to be delivered next week. I emailed him plan review instructions. He also plans to upgrade HMI to improve monitoring.

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