OHA Drinking Water Services
OHA Drinking Water Services
Contact Report Details

PWS ID: OR41 00706
Who Was Contacted and Phone: Robert Tilton (541) 874-2905
Contact Date: 12/29/2005
Contacted By: DAROLD, DEWEY (DWP)
Contact Method/Location: Office
Reasons: N/A
Details: SUMMARY: OERS Incident # 2005-3040, 128 gpm raw sewage discharge into Cow Creek DETAILS: On 12/29/05, while on phone duty, I received an email from Dave Leland. Dave was out of the office but Diane Weis was in the office for a while and she had forwarded Daves email to me. OERS emailed Dave the report on 12/27/05. On 12/29/05, I called the City of Riddle (541-874-2905) and left a message for Steve Schmidt and Eric Quinn since neither person was available. Robert Tilton called me back on 12/29/05 and we discussed the spill incident details. The City of Riddles WTP is several hundred feet upstream of the wastewater treatment so it is not affected by the sewage discharge. However, there are several public water systems downstream (Cow Creek flows into the South Umpqua) and Steve Schmidt has notified all of them. The closest water system downstream of the wastewater treatment plant is Lawson Acres. They were notified as well as the City of Myrtle Creek, Clarks Branch Water Assoc, Roberts Creek W.D., Roseburg Forest Prod-Dillard, Winston-Dillard W.D., Rivers West (Federal System) and Tri-City JW & SA. I also emailed the OERS report to Gerry Meyer and Dave Bussen at Douglas County Health Department as well as left them a message. The OERS report showed that Tom Charbonneau was notified at 15:40 on 12/27/05. I spoke with Tom and he was aware of the incident. The incident will be ongoing until the rains subside. The sewage discharge into the creek may go as high as 340 gpm. The FC counts in Cow Creek are around 1200/100 mls while the effluent from the wastewater treatment plant is around 80 FC/100 mls. I asked Robert to keep us informed of the ongoing incident. ACTION NEEDED: None at this time

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