OHA Drinking Water Services

Water System #: OR41 00744 ---- KEIZER, CITY OF

Distribution Class:3
Treatment Class:1
Filtration Class:N
Certification Number(s) Name Distribution Is DRC* Treatment Is DRC* Filtration D/T Expiration
SWS Is DRC* SWS Expiration
Numeric Cert # Sort Name
D-6627 Michael B. Griffin D1 12/31/2022 6627 Griffin, Michael B.
D-1655, T-1655 William E. Lawyer D3 Yes T1 Yes 12/31/2021 1655 Lawyer, William E.
D-6311, T-08561 David W. Ratliff D3 T1 12/31/2021 6311 Ratliff, David W.
D-6314 Mathias H. Reyes D3 12/31/2021 6314 Reyes, Mathias H.
D-7051 Christopher J. Shaw D1 12/31/2021 7051 Shaw, Christopher J.
D-3839, T-08075 Patrick L. Taylor D3 T1 12/31/2021 3839 Taylor, Patrick L.
D-08035 Alexander J. Finn D2 12/31/2022 8035 Finn, Alexander J.
D-08054, T-08731 Kurt J. Nordlien D2 T1 12/31/2021 8054 Nordlien, Kurt J.
D-08194 Bradley R. Beverly D2 12/31/2022 8194 Beverly, Bradley R.
D-08270 Lyle T. Bell D2 12/31/2022 8270 Bell, Lyle T.
D-08435, T-09443 Brandon L. Buchheit D2 T1 12/31/2022 8435 Buchheit, Brandon L.
D-163773 Alex M Oesterblad D1 12/31/2021 163773 Oesterblad, Alex M
D-734286 Joaquin Gomez D1 12/31/2022 734286 Gomez, Joaquin
D-847873 Gabriel Garay D1 12/31/2022 847873 Garay, Gabriel

*DRC = Direct Responsible Charge

***The SWS certification requirement can be met by using a DRC operator with a current certification in the WD/WT series.

Certification Requirements
Distribution Grade 3
Oregon Administrative Rule: 333-061-0235 OPERATOR REQUIREMENTS LEVELS 1-4
HS/GED, 1 yr relevant post-high school, and 5 yrs experience, with 2.5 yrs of ODM;
HS/GED, 2 yrs relevant post-high school, and 4 yrs experience with 2 yrs of ODM;
HS/GED, 3 yrs relevant post-high school, and 3 yrs experience with 1.5 yrs of ODM

Treatment Grade 1
Oregon Administrative Rule: 333-061-0235 OPERATOR REQUIREMENTS LEVELS 1-4
Requirements: HS/GED and 1 year experience,
A 2-year Associates degree in water technology may be substituted for 6 months of the experience No other education can be substituted for this requirement.


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