System Information     Schedule Counts
Status:  Active
Type:  NTNC
Population:  90
 Active:  7     Show Only Active
Inactive:  0
Expired:  20

PWS #:  93759   PRATUM ELEMENTARY    Routine Sampling Schedules For Chemicals
Name Status Test Group Samples
Start End    Notes
DIST-A Distribution SystemALEAD & COPPER5  3 Years01/01/2002OpenSample Between June 1st and Sept 30th
EP-A EP for WELLAARSENIC1  Quarterly10/01/2013Open
EP-A EP for WELLAIOC1  9 Years01/01/2002OpenSchedule Reflects Monitoring Reduction Granted
EP-A EP for WELLANITRATE1  Yearly01/01/2002Open
EP-A EP for WELLANITRITE1  9 Years01/01/2002OpenSchedule Reflects Monitoring Reduction Granted
EP-A EP for WELLASOC1  3 Years01/01/2002Open
EP-A EP for WELLAVOLATILE ORGANICS1  3 Years01/01/2014Open
Expired Schedules
EP-AEP for WELLAARSENIC1  3 Years01/01/200203/31/2007
EP-AEP for WELLAARSENIC1  Monthly07/01/201309/30/2013Sample once per month in July, August, and September 2013
EP-AEP for WELLAARSENIC1  Quarterly04/01/200709/30/2010
EP-AEP for WELLAARSENIC1  Quarterly10/01/201206/30/2013
EP-AEP for WELLAARSENIC1  Yearly01/01/201109/30/2012
EP-AEP for WELLACHLOROBENZENE1  3 Years01/01/201112/31/2013
EP-AEP for WELLACHLOROBENZENE1  Quarterly10/01/200706/30/2008
EP-AEP for WELLACHLOROBENZENE1  Yearly01/01/200912/31/2009Sample in 3rd Quarter (July-Aug-Sept)
EP-AEP for WELLASTYRENE 1  3 Years01/01/201112/31/2013
EP-AEP for WELLASTYRENE 1  Quarterly10/01/200706/30/2008
EP-AEP for WELLASTYRENE 1  Yearly01/01/200912/31/2009Sample in 3rd Quarter (July-Aug-Sept)
EP-AEP for WELLATETRACHLOROETHYLENE 1  Quarterly07/01/200812/31/2009
EP-AEP for WELLATETRACHLOROETHYLENE 1  Yearly01/01/201012/31/2012Sample Between June 1st and September 30th
EP-AEP for WELLATOLUENE 1  3 Years01/01/201112/31/2013
EP-AEP for WELLATOLUENE 1  Quarterly10/01/200706/30/2008
EP-AEP for WELLATOLUENE 1  Yearly01/01/200912/31/2009Sample in 3rd Quarter (July-Aug-Sept)
EP-AEP for WELLAVOLATILE ORGANICS1  3 Years01/01/200212/31/2013
EP-AEP for WELLAXYLENES, TOTAL 1  3 Years01/01/201112/31/2013
EP-AEP for WELLAXYLENES, TOTAL 1  Quarterly10/01/200706/30/2008
EP-AEP for WELLAXYLENES, TOTAL 1  Yearly01/01/200912/31/2009Sample in 3rd Quarter (July-Aug-Sept)

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